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Virgin Media Broadband Logo
Speeds of 108Mb
12 month contract
Virgin Media Broadband Logo
Speeds of 362Mb
12 month contract
Virgin Media Broadband Logo
Speeds of 213Mb
12 month contract
Virgin Media Broadband Logo
Speeds of 54Mb
12 month contract

Virgin Media are one of the biggest providers of broadband and TV packages in the country, and that reputation has hardly come about by accident. The trust in this brand is based on many years of quality products, as well as a massive amount of variety on offer. This has allowed customers to find the exact products they want, whether it’s just phone services or TV content as well.

Virgin Media broadband products also offer a number of advantages to customers. These include everything from their wide and reliable geographical reach to their trusted name and quality customer service, providing complete peace of mind.

At Hoppy, we want people to get the finest deals available, which is why we think variety is a wonderful thing. Having different options also pushes companies to provide the best possible products for the lowest price. After all, with so many brands competing for customers, providers really have to up their game if they want to stand a chance of getting picked.

The very fact that so many people opt for Virgin Media TV and broadband should speak volumes as to just how highly regarded they are. At Hoppy, anyone can see exactly what Virgin has to offer in comparison to the other TV and broadband companies out there, as well as the different deals from this award-winning provider.

With that in mind, we’ll be taking a closer look at TV and broadband packages from Virgin Media, so you can see which one is a right fit for you.


What Virgin Media packages are available?

Currently, there are four main Virgin Media bundles. Of course, with the brand’s reputation for versatility, users are offered plenty of optional add-ons that they can opt into.

So, let’s take a look at those packages.

The VIP bundle:

We’ll start off with the most prestigious option of the bunch. It might be a bit more expensive, but it does come with a host of goodies. These include all the Sky Sports and the BT Sports channels, meaning it’s more than enough to satisfy even the most insatiable sporting fanatic. There’s also Sky Cinema, TV box sets and the ability to watch Netflix, alongside many of their 260+ channels that are available in glorious HD. And if that wasn’t enough, the VIP bundle also comes with Virgin Media’s new 2x Virgin Media TV V6 boxes. This allows customers to stream from their favourite sites onto their telly, as well as record six shows at once with 1TB of storage, which come to 500 hours SD and 100 hours HD. Not only that, but people can download Virgin TV Go and enjoy their TV package from a phone or tablet device too.

Their Internet options are no slouch here either. VIVID 360 broadband offers unlimited, ultrafast broadband with average download speeds of 362Mbps, average upload speeds of 21Mbps and the ability to steam in HD and watch in 4K. It includes Talk More Anytime, which means inclusive anytime calls to landlines and mobiles.

Full House bundle:

Next on the list and coming in at a lower price – but still with plenty to offer – is the Full House bundle. This includes all the BT Sport Channels in HD, as well as catch-up, box sets, Disney Channels, and documentary channels like Nat Geo Wild in HD. The bundle also offers users the ability to watch Netflix on their TV. Altogether, this great package comes with over 230 channels, so considering the price difference, there’s not that huge a gap between this and the VIP bundle. It really comes down to how much those few dozen channels are worth to you.  

In terms of Internet speed, the VIVID 200 is also ultrafast, unlimited broadband – but not quite as quick as the VIP bundle – with 213Mbps download speeds and 12Mbps upload speeds. It can be used on over ten devices and is more than capable of streaming HD and watching in 4K, just like its more expensive counterpart. It can also be streamed on your mobile or tablet. For many, this will be the perfect option, with more than enough power for most households. The Full House bundle also comes with inclusive weekend calls to landlines and Virgin mobile numbers.

Mix TV bundle:

Costing only marginally less than the Full House bundle, the Mix TV package has identical Internet options. Therefore, the main difference here is the TV channels, which are significantly less. You can still watch Netflix on your TV and enjoy the service on mobile devices, but this has over 150+ channels, a significant drop considering the price difference. It is recommended that you check out the channels offered as part of this bundle to see if there’s anything missing between this and the Full House bundle in terms of what you need. It also has the same phone package as the Full House bundle.

The Player bundle:

The Player bundle is the cheapest option and comes with over 70 channels, plus all the benefits of the Virgin TV V6 box. The broadband is significantly slower but still manages competitive download speeds of 108Mbps and upload speeds of 6Mbps. This is perfect for people who don’t want any premium channels and don’t have the need for high-speed Internet. It’s a great way to save money while still getting plenty for your cash. The bundle also includes weekend calls to UK landlines.

How Hoppy can help

It’s easy to see the mind-boggling amount of variety that is available when you consider that all this is offered from just one provider. Here at Hoppy, we make all that information easy to digest. In just a few clicks, you can find yourself comparing the best TV and broadband deals across a ton of providers.

In addition, we make it easy to compare everything from gas and electricity providers to mobile phone deals, as well as help you keep on top of your home management. Using our digital logbook, you can store and organise all your important documents in one easy-to-access place, as well as receive handy reminders for upcoming tasks.

So, stop searching high and low for your ideal broadband and TV package today. Let us do the hard work – we’ll find you a deal that will really make you feel Hoppy at home.

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