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When it comes to finding the best TV deals, the amount of variety on offer is quite incredible. Never before has there been so much choice, there’s a TV deal out there suited to pretty much everyone, but there’s also a lot more competition. This pushes providers to keep their prices low and their service as high as possible.

On the flipside, the sheer amount of options to wade through can be a tricky task. As a result, many users end up settling for a deal that isn’t quite right for them instead of shopping around for their best fit. After all, there’s more than just price to consider.

Finding the right TV package is not a simple case of going for the cheapest possible option. Some options are pricier but have more benefits to offer, and depending on what you’re looking for, that may be a price worth paying. With so much out there, everyone should be able to find exactly what they want at a great price – without the hassle.

Things to consider when evaluating price

The first thing that most people will consider when thinking about a TV package is what channels they can get. While most providers, from BT to Now TV and Virgin Media to Sky, all have channels in common, it’s the extra stuff that cost more.

Most providers have some version of a pricing tier system. Essentially, there’s a standard set of channels, with the option for the customer to pay for more if they wish. A good example to consider is the many options for Sky TV deals. Starting off with the basic Sky Entertainment package, users are given the option to add sports, box sets or films for an additional cost.

Now TV offers a similar series of options, including many of the same channels, as does Virgin Media. The specifics of what channels are available may require a little research but in general, most good providers, such as the ones mentioned, should offer users the ability to pick and choose the channels they want.

Other examples of things that may affect price include the quality of the picture. Today, providers are moving away from the previous industry high standard of HDTV and moving towards a 4K offering.

To get the highest possible picture quality, the subscription may not be the only thing to consider as users may need to get different hardware if they want to output to that level - this is true across many providers, from Sky to Now TV. On the plus side, those not wanting the top end can save money through the use of cheaper hardware.

Another example of optional add-ons is the ability to watch across multiple rooms. Most providers will offer this, and it can come through additional hardware, or through an additional cost to your subscription. There’s also the option to pause and record live TV, where this is becoming more of a standard rather than a costly add-on.

How Hoppy can help

We can show you which providers offer the best price across multiple packages. Hoppy helps make the pricing information as clear and concise as possible, so users can decide which deal is best for their individual needs.

In addition, we also make home management much simpler. Our digital log bookstores all those important documents in an organised and easy-to-access online space. We’ll also send handy reminders - so those important upcoming tasks are never missed.

It’s time to stop searching through hundreds of TV packages and find a great deal today with just a few clicks. We make your buying experience a Hoppy one.

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