There’s certainly no shortage of options when it comes to broadband providers these days. Of course, more choice is a good thing, as it drives companies to offer great service at the most competitive price. However, with so many different companies offering so many deals, it can be hard to know which one is best suited to your needs.

Thankfully, Hoppy is here to help. We save time and money by bringing you all the information needed in an easy to digest way, ensuring no one has to settle for less or pay for more than they should.

Why choose Zen broadband?

Zen may not be the biggest or most recognisable name in the broadband market, but they offer a number of wonderful benefits that make them an ideal fit for some. Their customer-centric approach is exemplified in their friendly UK-based customer support, which has led to Zen winning a number of awards, including being named a Which? Recommended Provider and claiming the title of Best Broadband 2017 by PC Pro.

Zen has no shareholders that they need to satisfy, as the company is independent. This means that they can spend time and reinvest profits to improve services for their customers. Looking through their competitively priced broadband options, which all include truly unlimited downloads and uploads, the benefits of using this brand are clear.

Considerations when choosing a Zen broadband deal

The first thing many notice about Zen broadband is that they don’t offer any TV package options. This makes them an ideal choice for people who only want broadband services without having to pay for any unnecessary extras. It also means Zen can focus on giving their customers the best broadband possible.

Their fast broadband packages are available on a 1 month or a 12-month contract with a free FRITZ!Box router. These packages include unlimited data allowance, with average download speeds of 10Mbs and maximum upload speeds of 1Mbs - and it’s free to switch. These packages are ideal for anyone who uses their broadband more casually and who may not have multiple devices on the go in their household at once.

Zen’s superfast fibre broadband packages include a free FRITZ!Box router and unlimited data allowance, with average download speeds of 35Mbs for Fibre 1 and 66Mps for Fibre 2, as well as maximum upload speeds of 17Mbs. There is an activation charge with these packages and they are available on a 12-month contract.

Anyone who relies on smooth, uninterrupted streaming and lightning fast downloads should opt for the Zen ultrafast broadband packages. Again, these include an activation fee, a free FRITZ!Box router, unlimited data allowance and are available on a 12-month contract. The difference here is, as the name suggests, the speeds. The estimated average download speed that comes with this package is an incredible 300Mbs, with a maximum upload speed of 50Mbs. If you’re considering this option though, you should note that these speeds are currently only available to 3% of UK households, so it’s a good idea to discuss your options with the expert Zen customer service team.

How Hoppy can help

Unfortunately, we don't currently have the ability to compare how Zen broadband stacks up to its competitors but we are working very hard to make it happen soon!

In the meantime, why not explore other deals available with Hoppy to see if one of them is right for you.

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