Virgin offers can be very adaptable to suit your needs. For example, Virgin Media TV packages offer the option to ‘boost’ your service with added channels, just like Sky does with its movies/sports/kids packages. Similarly, TalkTalk offers the ability to add or remove channels monthly. Virgin Media broadband deals can be highly competitive. The Virgin network boasts 99.9% reliability, speeds of up to 350Mbs and more satisfied broadband customers than BT and TalkTalk, according to Ofcom.

As well as Virgin Media broadband, users can also benefit from a wide selection of TV channels, ranging from the best in film and entertainment to sports and documentaries. So, let’s get started by going through all the things to consider when looking for the best Virgin Media deals.

Virgin Bundle Deals

Most people will find what they’re looking for in one of the many Virgin Media bundles. A bundle including Virgin Media TV packages, broadband and phone deals will make the most sense for the majority of users.

Virgin Media offers several options in terms of bundles, starting off with the Players Bundle. This includes up to 50Mb and unlimited downloads on a 12-month contract. There’s also the Mix Bundle, which includes up to 100Mb and unlimited downloads on a 12 month contract, all the way up to the most extensive package - the VIP Bundle - which offers 12 months of premium broadband with speeds of up to 350Mbs and unlimited downloads, making it the UK’s fastest widely available broadband. 

With each iteration, users will get a selection of benefits, including more channels and faster broadband, as well as differences in phone packages and the ability to watch in more than one room – all at a scalable price.

Users need to decide exactly what they want from a full package deal and compare without Hopping to any conclusions beforehand.

Other Things to Consider

One thing to take advantage of is any Virgin Media new customer deals. The most common of these comes with a 12-month contract at a discounted price, which transfers to the regular price once that period has ended. But this type of introductory offer can be found in some form or another with most TV and broadband providers. There might also be Virgin Media deals for existing customers, so it’s always worth keeping on top of what’s available with Hoppy.

Other costs to consider include things like line rental as part of your Virgin Media phone deal, along with any setup costs. Virgin do pretty well here, with only a £20 set up fee. Many of their competitors, such as BT and Now Broadband, will end up costing more in some instances.

Finally, there’s also the quality of the service to consider, although most major providers in the UK do have deservedly solid reputations. The best way of getting a deal which will make you Hoppy is to consider exactly what you want from a provider, and then compare like-for-like deals that are tailored to your needs.

How Hoppy can help

What Hoppy does for you is quite simple. We take all the information around broadband offers, different providers and deals, and list them in a digestible format. This way, you can see clearly which package is right for your needs. We take all the work out of comparing providers so that in just a few clicks, you can find a broadband deal that will really make you feel Hoppy.

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