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Talk Talk Broadband Logo
Speeds of 38Mb
18 month contract
Talk Talk Broadband Logo
Speeds of 11Mb
18 month contract
Talk Talk Broadband Logo
Speeds of 67Mb
18 month contract

Broadband deals are perfect for those looking to get online without having to sign up to an additional TV package. Often, users don't want to pay for additional TV content if they already use a Freeview service and are just looking to find a broadband provider. Having the option of finding the best deals on Internet providers alone means customers can decide which is a suitable package for them.

And we often come across television deals that are available with broadband, as part of a bundle package. However, here we’re going to be focusing on broadband only deals. But rest assured though, if you want to find out what the best bundle deals are, Hoppy can take care of that too.

The different TalkTalk deals

As is the case with the majority of good broadband providers, TalkTalk broadband has a wide range of offers, with tiered pricing that’s based on the different content and benefits available. While this pricing system actually works in favour of customers, it can make shopping around for the best possible deal feel like more of a chore than a productive activity.

Often when people are looking for the best deal, they don’t realise just how much choice there is out there - multiple providers and numerous packages on offer can be overwhelming. You can pay more or less money based on several factors, including speed and usage limits. So, there’s a lot to consider when choosing a broadband offer.

Hoppy makes all that information easy to understand, letting you focus on what you want from a broadband package. But what exactly are you looking for?

Let’s take a closer look at some of the TalkTalk offers.

First up, there’s the Unlimited Broadband package. This is the cheapest of the bunch and offers download speeds that average out at around 11Mb.The package comes with a fixed term contract, which includes unlimited Internet usage. However, the potential downside to this is that customers are locked into the contract over a 24 month period. It also includes line rental but is not inclusive of additional equipment delivery charge.

Next up, there’s Unlimited Fibre Broadband, which costs more but offers a number of added benefits. Fibre optic broadband can deliver higher speeds than standard ADSL broadband. Therefore, this package offers faster download speeds of up to 35Mb. Customers can stream content on multiple screens, as well as benefit from unlimited internet usage.  

Finally, the most expensive option is Unlimited Fibre Speed Boost. Just like the other TalkTalk broadband options, this has unlimited internet usage, but also boasts much higher download speeds of 63Mb – almost double the speeds available with Unlimited Fibre Broadband! The package is available on a fixed term contract over a 24 month period.

How Hoppy can help

Once you’ve decided which package best suits your needs, you can use our simple comparison tool to compare similar offers from other providers, saving you time and money. We look at all the complicated deals, break them down, and highlight the best options – in a clear and simple way. So, relax, don’t worry and be Hoppy.

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