With so many broadband options out there, it can seem to be overwhelming at times to make a decision. In many ways, this can be a great predicament to be in. More choice means more competition, which means better service and better prices.

However, this also means it can be a little hard to figure out which provider, and offer, best suits your individual needs. Researching all the options available can be a time-consuming task. Who actually has the time to sit around trawling through website after website, jotting down information, trying to get close to figuring out which deal is right for them? Well, that’s where Hoppy comes in.

Compare Post Office broadband

It may be surprising to learn that the Post Office provides broadband. This is proof of the sheer volume of different options out there, which means people are left unaware of what’s really available to them - if users don’t know all the providers on the market, then how can they be expected to know about deals they might be interested in?

The Post Office is unlike most other providers though, in that their broadband offers don’t come with the option to include a television deal as part of the bundle. Often when deciding which type of deal is right for them, a user has to decide what services they require. In other words, do they just need one service or several rolled into one easy-to-manage monthly package?

The Post Office’s offer is simple and is designed for people who are only looking for broadband. This makes it a good option for anyone who is currently happy with their TV provider or Freeview box and doesn't want to have to pay for additional content. If someone is looking for a multifaceted bundle, they will need to look elsewhere.

However, if broadband and phone is all that’s required, then the Post Office's deals can be a great way to save money. Customers only need to pay for the services they want and no more, which allows customers to tailor deals to their needs and budgets. That’s what Hoppy is all about.

So, what exactly are you looking for?

There are a few main broadband options available from the Post Office. The most basic offering is Unlimited broadband (up to 11Mb), moving up to Post Office Fibre Broadband, Unlimited Fibre (up to 35Mb) and Unlimited Fibre Plus (up to 62Mb). The simple difference between these deals is that the more expensive the package is, the faster the speeds. All deals are available on an 18-month contract and are unlimited, so there’s no confusion about downloads. It’s simply a case of deciding how fast you need download speeds to be, and then comparing the Post Office to other similar providers using Hoppy.  

How can Hoppy help?

At Hoppy, we take all that complicated information and make it simple to understand. In just a few clicks, we can show you all the best broadband deals available in your area and help you to switch providers easily, saving you time and money.

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