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Now TV broadband logo
12 month contract
Speeds of 11Mb
Now TV broadband logo
12 month contract
Speeds of 63Mb
Now TV broadband logo
12 month contract
Speeds of 36Mb

What is Now TV?

Now TV is a contract-free subscription service. It includes a wide range of channels and services, such as: broadband, internet television, and landline phone connections. Now TV may be a relatively new player, but they have already garnered a fantastic reputation thanks to their quality of service, and wide variety of content on offer.

Now TV allows customers to mix and match the exact services they want and only includes the content they want to watch, often for a great Now TV price. Because getting the most for your money is exactly what we’re about here at Hoppy.

History of Now TV

Now TV is relatively new, but its parent company – Sky PLC – has been around for several decades. Now TV was announced in early 2012 and launched in July of the same year. The service was set up as a way of accessing Sky TV products without a subscription, rather than customers having to pay for the Sky content that they didn’t need or want.

This began with Sky Cinema before moving onto sports, entertainment, kids’ TV and more. It became available in Italy in 2016, and today it’s available in the UK, Ireland and Italy.

Since its inception, three Now TV boxes and one streaming stick have been launched: the initial white box connected customers through their home Wi-Fi, allowing them to watch Internet TV in 720p. In 2015, the black box version was launched with an improved SPU performance and an Ethernet port, although this was at the expense of an analogue output. It also had some features that have still not been utilised, such as the microSD slot and USB port. Most importantly of all, it offered customers the ability to watch Internet TV in 1080p, a big upgrade from the previous model.

The last box released (as of September 2018) is known as the Now TV ‘smart box’. Much like the previous upgrade, this includes better SPU, as well as other updated technical specifications. The most important improvement to the Now TV experience, however, was the inclusion of both Freeview and Freeview HD television channels. These live channels can be paused and rewound, and there are interactive services available. In other words, the Now TV smart box was the first of its kind that could be used as a complete television experience. With both Freeview and the option of additional channels, it’s possible to create a tailor-made television experience without the need for any additional subscriptions.

2018 saw the release of the Now TV Smart Stick. This made Now TV easier to use and included a Wi-Fi direct remote. The Smart Stick also features voice search functionality, which means you can browse your favourite shows and apps without needing to lift a finger. You can even connect to Wi-Fi networks through its hotel connect feature.

In a matter of a few years, Now TV has gone from a handy way of watching certain programmes to an entertainment hub capable of competing with the big players – all without the need for a contract.

What exactly does Now TV offer today?

We’ve already gone through some of what Now TV has to offer, but let’s take a closer look at exactly what’s available and what the advantages of Now TV are in detail.

No contract
When you ‘subscribe’ to Now TV, you do so without the need for a contract, which means greater flexibility. Instead, you pay for a month at a time and can cancel whenever you want. There are no strings attached.

Easy to set up
With the Now TV Smart Stick, there's no need for installation, meaning you can plug in and play straight away. And of course, no installation means no installation fees – just another example of how Now TV can help you save money. You simply plug it in, connect it to your Wi-Fi and you’re ready to watch Freeview and/or start looking for what Now TV ‘passes’ look like a good fit for you. Speaking of broadband...

Now Broadband
Alongside entertainment options, Now TV can also take care of your broadband needs with the same level of great value and quality service people have come to love and expect from the company. Now TV broadband is also offered with or without a contract, (they do offer a discount for customers who decide to sign up for 12 months). So, the choice is yours whether you’d prefer flexibility or a reduced cost.

Now TV offers several speed options, which has an impact on the price. To compare Now Broadband options, you can visit Hoppy to find out more. Making it an easy and effective way of seeing which deal is right for you. These deals come with a landline connection, and even this has the option for customers who choose ‘pay as you go’ calls.

Entertainment passes
Now TV started as a way to enjoy high quality TV without a contract. Alongside TV apps like BBC iPlayer and All 4, there are a further four entertainment ‘passes’ that can be bought as a month-on-month subscription without any other obligations.

The most expensive of these is the Sports Pass, which offers a whole host of premier sports channels. Following this is the Sky Cinema Pass, which includes many of the film channels you’d find with a Sky subscription. There’s also the super popular Entertainment Pass, which offers some of the biggest and best premier entertainment channels around. Finally, the Kids’ Pass, which is the cheapest, and includes a ton of great content for children.

Essentially, the Now TV passes allow you to buy exactly the content you want without being tied into a lengthy agreement and without the need to pay for anything you don’t want. At Hoppy, this flexibility is exactly what we’re all about. So, if you’re looking for your ideal Now TV broadband deal – or anything else for that matter – use Hoppy to find the deal that is right for you.

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