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Really quick response from tradesman ,came next day and did the work for us thanx so much.
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good quick response from two…
good quick response from two tradespersons
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Hyperoptic: what do you need to know?

Not too long ago, waiting for an internet connection to dial-up was part and parcel of everyday life, whereas now we scoff when videos buffer for even a second. The rising expectations of super-fast internet have been brought on due to the changing nature of entertainment and the digitisation of media. Television itself has gone online, with streaming services requiring fast connections that can withstand double, and sometimes even triple, screening. The solution? First, there was fibre-optic broadband, promising top speeds, and now Hyperoptic broadband is trying to claim the top spot. Read on below to learn all about Hyperoptic and whether it’s the right option for you.

What is Hyperoptic broadband?

Hyperoptic is a new provider offering gigabit internet speeds to beat the current top speeds that fibre optic can provide. To put it into perspective, consider that the average top speed offered by Virgin currently stands at 362Mb. Hyperoptic’s average top speed is 900Mb – quite the difference.

Hyperoptic can achieve these top speeds by using their own network, with a particular focus on large apartment blocks in the busiest cities. Additionally, while most broadband in the UK relies on copper wiring for at least a part of its journey, Hyperoptic uses fibre exclusively.

Broadband and download speeds

We already mentioned the impressive average speed promised by Hyperoptic, but it doesn’t end there. Download speeds are notable with an entry-level product providing 30Mbps and an upgraded one offering 150Mbps. Households with standard usage (streaming, downloads, gaming, etc.) will be satisfied with the basic package though users of 4K streaming will want to opt for the extra capacity.

Hyperoptic’s unique package is its 1Gbps offering – the UK’s fastest home broadband. BT offers an ‘ultrafast’ package though its speeds pale in comparison to Hyperoptic at only 330Mbps and Virgin Media comes in at 350Mpbs.

Upload speeds

This won’t be relevant to everyone, but those who frequently deal with uploading large files will be glad to hear that the upgraded packaged offer symmetrical speeds. What this means is that your upload speed will be the same as the download speed, if you opt for the 150Mpbs package and above. The basic 30Mpbs package has an upload speed of only 1Mpbs, so it’s worth considering if you need speedy uploads before committing to any one package.

Hyperoptic router and installation

All broadband packages from Hyperoptic come with a Hyperhub that’s able to support up to 1GB p/s speeds through a wired connection. A wireless connection won’t help you to achieve top speeds.

While Hyperoptic has a lot of attractive features, one of the main drawbacks is that it’s not widely available. Currently, only 350,000 UK households and businesses can take advantage of this speedy broadband. It’s also fairly limited to blocks of flats and new builds though Hyperoptic is asking people to express an interest in their services while their expansion plans state they want to reach five million within a decade.

Check if you’re covered here.

If you’re one of the lucky few to be covered by Hyperoptic, then an engineer will need to install a separate ‘Hyperoptic Socket’ within your home. The process is fast, taking about an hour, and a socket can be installed up to 10 metres from the entrance of your home; any further and you’ll have to pay a little extra. 

Hyperoptic deals

Unlike many other providers, Hyperoptic doesn’t offer freebies or big discount to attract new customers, using its speeds and reputation to do the hard work instead. The deals available don’t have many bundle offers so if you wanted to combine a TV package with broadband then this might not be the best option for you. Still, the prices are competitive, and the basic package of 30Mpbs costs £15 for a 12-month contract with zero installation fees. You can get the 1Gbps broadband only deal for £38 per month or £39 if you’d like to have calls included as part of the package.

If you’re always chasing faster internet and struggling with upload speeds, then this could be the right broadband provider for you. However, you might find that even though you want to opt for it, your area isn’t covered as the network remains limited for the time being.

Ready to find the broadband deal for you? Hoppy is here to help – we compare all the best deals on the market to make switching as painless as possible.

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