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Gigaclear Broadband

City dwellers have long enjoyed super-fast broadband speeds, with options like fibre optic allowing households to browse the internet, stream series, and download music in no time at all. Rural customers haven’t had as much luck and many areas still struggle with achieving good speeds due to lack of coverage. Companies like Gigaclear want to close this gap. Want to know more? Below is Hoppy’s guide to everything you need to know about Gigaclear broadband.

Gigaclear: what do they do

Gigaclear are an award-winning broadband provider, focusing on bringing top internet speeds to rural areas. It offers ultra-fast fibre optic broadband to areas without coverage or where only low speeds are available. Gigaclear’s specific product is Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) network connectivity, which currently has the best possible speeds and is future proofed too.

Where is Gigaclear available?

Gigaclear specifically focus on bringing their services to areas otherwise neglected by high internet speeds, covering residential and commercial buildings. Over 40,000 homes in Britain can take advantage of the service, in areas like Essex, Hertfordshire, Rutland, Oxfordshire, and more. Their coverage is growing as the company receives more funding, so it’s worth keeping an eye on them if they don’t currently cover your area. Check if your area is covered today by clicking here.

How to test out Gigaclear

The company puts on regular drop-in events for communities without fast internet to get a taste for the service on offer. They’re free to attend and you only need to register your interest. At the event, a company representative will be around to explain all about how Gigaclear works, the service, speeds, and to answer any questions you might have.

How much does Gigaclear cost?

Gigaclear has a few different packages on offer to suit a wide range of needs. There’s the G30 package, costing £35 per month, offering 30Mbps average download speeds. There’s a one £120 activation fee with free installation and an 18-month minimum term. Gigaclear says that this is ideal for small households.

Multi-user households, with multiple devices will want to consider the G300 option. The G300 costs £45 per month and gets you 300Mbps download speeds with a one off £30 activation fee. It also has an 18-month minimum term.

Gigaclear’s premium offering is the G900 – for households who want the ‘ultimate online experience’ with multiple users, devices, and gamers. For £75 a month, you can get an average download speed of 900Mbps, which is just unbelievably fast, and most households will never get close to using all that speed. There’s a £30 one-off activation fee and free installation.

Customer service

Feedback on Gigaclear’s customer service has been a little mixed, with some reporting problems and others saying that the service they received was near perfect. If you do have a problem and require assistance, contacting Gigaclear is easy. There’s a number to call on the website and an email address if you’d prefer to send a message instead. The website also has an extensive support section covering many areas of the service you might have questions on.

What’s the verdict on Gigaclear?

Those living in rural areas know how difficult it can be to find a good internet provider. Gigaclear’s promised speeds are some of the best on the market, and not just for rural areas. If you want the top speeds, you’ll have to pay a premium which will be a turnoff for some. Another drawback is the limited coverage though the company’s expansion plans mean that superfast internet might soon be available in your area, if it currently isn’t. The free demo events are also a nice touch as you get to ‘try before you buy’ and speak to a company representative about any questions or concerns you might have.

Ready to find the best broadband provider? Let Hoppy help. We search the market and find only the best deals for you to choose from.

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