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The amount of variety on offer in terms of broadband and TV deals is staggering.

This is a great problem to have, as more competitors battling it out for your attention generally means there are better deals to be found. This means you can easily find something tailored specifically to your needs.

Perhaps price is your main priority, or maybe you want super-fast broadband to ensure smooth, uninterrupted streaming of all your favourite TV shows, movies and games. Maybe you value TV content over broadband speed, or just want the best of absolutely everything. Whatever you need, Hoppy can help.

Hoppy makes finding the right deal quick and simple, so you only ever have to pay for the channels and services that you want. To help you get started, here are just a few things to consider when finding your perfect TV and broadband package.

Things to Consider


The number of channels available can be customised to your taste and how much you want to spend. Most bundles offer a basic set of channels and users can add more from a variety of subjects (sports, film, kids, etc.) at varying prices. A good example of this are BT TV packages, which come with basic Freeview, and offer additional channels at an optional extra charge.

Which channels cost extra will depend on the service provider, but you’ll generally find similar results across the board. For example, channels like E4 and Dave usually come as standard, while stuff like Sky Atlantic often costs more.


The three most common types of broadband in the UK are ADSL, cable and fibre optic. ADSL is the most widely available fixed-line broadband, which uses your phone line’s copper wire, with speeds depending on how far away you are from your telephone exchange. Cable can be more reliable when it comes to speed, as it’s delivered to your home via fibre optic and coaxial cables. For the fastest speeds, fibre optic broadband is the best choice, using clusters of super thin fibre optic cables to deliver speeds up to 76Mbs.

When looking at broadband deals, most people will only consider speed, but there’s also the matter of usage limits to consider. For example, Sky broadband and TV lets you choose a slower internet speed but with unlimited usage through Sky Unlimited, a faster service with usage limits through Sky Fibre, and a super-fast service with unlimited usage through Sky Fibre Unlimited.

Before you start looking you’ll also need to check which broadband options you have available in your area, as not everywhere will have the same providers.

Other TV considerations

From basic Freeview, which delivers a selection of channels with no monthly subscription, to the more complex cable TV, which makes use of fibre optic cables to give you a high-quality picture and service, there’s a lot of choices when it comes to the smaller screen.

Think about how long you want to commit to a contract, as well as if you want to pay more for HD TV, and the ability of your set up to work in multiple rooms. Requirements like these are becoming standard practice for providers, a great example being the ability to record and pause live TV. But these add-ons can cost a little extra.

Not likely to go away anytime soon are line rental and set up costs, so even when calculating cost alone, you may need a little help when trying to avoid paying more than you should.

To find the best deals available, use Hoppy to save time and money when searching for your TV and broadband. We’ll compare prices across multiple offers, considering more than just the basics, so you can get the right deal for your home.

How Hoppy can help?

What Hoppy does for you is quite simple. We take all the information around broadband, different providers and deals, and we list them in a digestible format. This way you can see clearly which package is right for your needs. We take all the work out of comparing providers so that, in just a few clicks, you can find a broadband deal that will really make you feel Hoppy.

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