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BT broadband logo
18 month contract
Speeds of 10mb
BT broadband logo
18 month contract
Speeds of 36mb
BT broadband logo
18 month contract
Speeds of 50mb
BT broadband logo
18 month contract
Speeds of 67mb

There are few broadband providers in the country with the same pedigree as BT. The icon formally known as British Telecom, has been around for longer than we’ve been alive. With its routes dating back over a century and a half, the company was pretty much unrecognisable back then compared to the juggernaut it is today. Through many twists and turns, BT has managed to evolve and change with the times to remain as one of the absolute top dogs of their industry.

Why choose BT?

However, it’s not just nostalgia that keeps customers coming back to BT. They offer a massive amount of variety in their services and because of their reach, it means that all these options are available to the majority of people throughout the United Kingdom.

So, for example, if you want to pay just for the bare basics – Internet with enough power to search, browse and stream, alongside a phone line – then you can get exactly that at a great price. There’s no need in today’s competitive marketplace for anyone to pay for anything they are not going to use.

Paying for unnecessary extras when it comes to broadband would be like fitting a jet engine into a vehicle that only ever goes down 30mph lanes. It just doesn’t make sense and most importantly, it’s a waste of money. On the other hand, say you do want super-fast broadband – perhaps you want fast downloads and lightening fast streaming – well, BT can make that happen for an additional price.

That’s not all when it comes to variety though. People don’t just have the ability to get very selective when it comes to what broadband speeds they pay for, because there’s also the option of getting your TV services and mobile phone services through BT as well. There are numerous packages available, the details of which are best viewed through our comparison tool, as it’s simply the quickest and easiest way to get to understand all the details.


Considerations when choosing a BT Infinity package

The different ways in which customers can mix and match with BT infinity deals is pretty staggering. However, they can be placed into two main distinct categories: broadband only, as well as TV and broadband package deals. The general benefits of both options are quite clear. You can pay less for broadband alone if that’s the only service you require, or you can choose to get all your services in a straightforward and well-priced package deal.

But that’s not all, as other options are also available from BT, and this article should give you a good overview of the kind of deals they offer - our price comparison tool can fill you in on the rest.  

So, let’s take a closer look at some of the various BT Infinity deals, going from the least to most expensive.


The BT Infinity broadband only deals

Broadband Unlimited

This is the most standard broadband deal, and it comes with unlimited monthly usage, a BT Home Hub 4 and free access to over 5 million UK Wi-Fi hotspots. The latter point really is a great example of how the size and success of BT can provide continuous benefits. The Broadband Unlimited package also includes unlimited weekend calls, with an advertised average broadband speed of 10Mb.

Superfast Fibre Essential Unlimited

The next broadband package on the price scale comes with the same benefits as before, with both offering Wi-Fi hotspots and unlimited UK weekend calls. However this package comes with the BT Smart Hub and has a sizeable boost in power for the price difference at an average speed of 36Mb.  

Superfast Fibre Unlimited

All the benefits we’ve mentioned before apply to the Superfast Fibre Unlimited package but this clocks in at an average speed of 50Mb, which is five times more than the lowest priced package. When you consider the price difference, this is a great deal for anyone looking for a faster broadband service.

Superfast Fibre 2 Unlimited

All the benefits we’ve mentioned before apply to the Superfast Fibre Unlimited package but this clocks in at an average speed of 50Mb, which is five times more than the lowest priced package. When you consider the price difference, this is a great deal for anyone looking for a faster broadband service.

Superfast Fibre Plus

This package is an interesting one because it doesn’t actually have an increase in broadband speed, and it costs more than the previous tier. However, things are more complex than they may seem initially, as the price difference is only for the first 18 months, after which it becomes the same price. Additional benefits include the Keep Connected Promise, which means you’ll get priority to get back online quickly if there’s an issue with your broadband. There’s also a price freeze for 18 months, meaning it could end up being the financially smart option. Finally, there’s double data for mobiles that are on a Plus account.


The BT broadband and TV deals


Please note that the type of broadband offered in these packages have already been covered in the previous section, so refer to them for a more complete overview of what the different names mean.

Classic and Superfast Fibre Essential Unlimited

This deal has all the essential Freeview channels and the ability to record up to 300 hours of TV. Overall, this comes to 80 plus channels

Entertainment plus Superfast Fibre Essential Unlimited

Essentially, this is the same product as the previous entry but with 20 premium channels.

Max HD plus Superfast Fibre Essential Unlimited

This BT Infinity package brings HD goodness in the form of 142 channels, including 62 premium channels, 30 entertainment, 10 kids and 21 premium HD channels

Starter plus Superfast Essential Unlimited plus BT Sport

This package gives a different selection of channels, but most noticeably, it includes BT Sport. This is a key selling point for any sport enthusiasts out there.

How Hoppy can help

We can all agree that there’s a lot of information take in, and that’s without including line rental, changes in prices and other bonuses, such as reward cards for example. To get to grips with all the info and decide which is the most suitable BT Infinity package, you’re going to need Hoppy’s help.

We take all the overwhelming details from several deals and companies and put it together in a clear, concise list of options. Users can then choose their ideal package without any marketing jargon clouding their judgement. We take something complex and make it simple, because that’s what makes us Hoppy.


Find a new deal today

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