Virgin Media Student Deal
Free set up
Speeds of 213Mbps
Rolling contract
Virgin Media Student Deal
Free set up
Speeds of 362Mbps
Rolling contract

Student Broadband Deals and Offers

Student Broadband: Need to Know

Living in a student house can get tricky quickly once the moving away from home excitement wears off. Something everyone in your student house is bound to agree on is the need for great broadband. No one wants to wait around for videos to load or worry that their assignment won’t get uploaded in time, potentially missing deadlines.

Good quality broadband is essential to a shared student home and that’s why Hoppy wants to help you get the best broadband deal possible. Below we take a look at some options available to you, the things to consider before getting started, and anything else you might need to know.

Length of Contract

Sometimes companies offer 9 months broadband deals especially for students who don’t plan to stay in their house over the summer months. BT currently have a limited 9-months offer just like this, so if you’re a student with a verified university email address, you’ll be able to take advantage of it.

Whilst these shorter contracts seem the most convenient, they’re not always cheapest overall – that’s why comparing deals is recommended to help you find the best price.

It’s worth remembering students have as many options as anyone when it comes to broadband contracts. Typical contracts that last for 12 months and 18 months can also be found if you have a longer lease or find that the price works out cheaper.

Broadband Speed

The biggest factor to consider when choosing broadband for a student house is download speed. Ideally, you want to avoid fights over internet use and this can be done by dodging slow speed broadband and the buffering it brings along with it.

If your student house has 3 or fewer housemates then a standard broadband speed can be all you need, with a potential download speed of 17 Mbps, though it’s not guaranteed.

Student houses with more than 3 housemates will need much faster speeds and that’s where fibre is a good solution. Speeds from 50 Mbps to 362 Mbps can be expected, ensuring that everyone has access whenever they need it. Fibre broadband is much more affordable than most realise and can often be the best deal for households where broadband costs are split.

Not sure which broadband speed to go for? Hoppy have created a useful video to help you with just that.


Will I need a phone line to get broadband?

Standard broadband (ADSL) does require an active phone line, which is how the data gets transmitted. Fibre optic broadband, on the other hand, uses completely separate cables ot transmit its data so a phone line isn’t needed.

Broadband companies can sometimes try to charge separately for phone line rental, but this shouldn’t be the case as the total price must be inclusive of phone line rental. Read the small print and ask questions to make sure you’re not overpaying.

How long will it take to install broadband?

Phone line broadband can take up to 2 weeks to install; fibre has a shorter activation time. Be sure to consider activation times before moving in so you’re not caught out without an internet connection.

Can I cancel my broadband?

You have the right to cancel your broadband contract within the first 14 days of placing your order, without any penalties. Otherwise you will need to check with your provider about their specific cancellation policy, it will typically incur a fee though it may still work out cheaper to pay it and switch to a cheaper service – be sure to do your math!

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