The satellite revolution  

For many people living in rural areas, the online revolution has pretty much passed them by. Unable to get decent Internet access, they’ve missed out on the type of connectivity that so many of us take for granted.

However, technology always finds a way and it has once again in the form of satellite broadband. Satellites are more commonly associated with television, and this type of broadband works in the exact same way. You get a satellite installed in your home that connects to a satellite in orbit, transmitting data to your dish, allowing it to connect to the Internet on the ground level.

Really though, the science behind it doesn’t much matter to users. What matters is that those who have been struggling with internet access for a long time can finally make their way to the 21st century, without having to move out of their homes in order to do so.

What can you expect from satellite broadband?

Unfortunately, satellite broadband isn’t that widespread yet but, hopefully, in a few years time, it will be. Due to technological restrictions, it can’t deliver the levels of speed that some of the more expensive high-speed broadband packages can offer. There are also issues with latency, due to the distance that the information has to travel. Although when we consider that it’s quite literally travelling from space, it’s still pretty impressive. This shouldn’t be too much of an issue for most applications, although it can make streaming online games a bit of a struggle.

That being said, this is still a massive improvement on what limited broadband options there were before. Things are also getting much better, with Internet speeds expected to get up to fibre optic levels within a matter of years. It’s also incredibly versatile. If you’ve ever used the Internet on a boat or on a plane, then you have satellite to thank for that. It also makes access possible in places like jungles, forests and mountains, meaning it can be vital in terms of safety as a line to the outside world.

More variety

What this means for customers, and for the broadband market in general, is that there’s another layer of choice and variety, so everyone can enjoy the wonders of the Internet. However, all this variety can mean that, even for the less crowded satellite broadband market, it can be hard to know which option is right for you.

More variety means more choice and that’s a wonderful thing. However, too much choice, when not presented in a useful way, can leave customers unable to find their preferred deal amongst all the noise. As a result, they can end up settling for less. That’s where Hoppy comes in.

How Hoppy can help

Hoppy makes things simple. We take all the complicated, seemingly endless streams of information and put it in one compact list that only takes a few clicks to find. From there, anyone can see which broadband deal is right for them, saving time and money.

Satellite broadband can be expensive due to set up costs and its relative obscurity compared to other methods, so anyone interested in satellite broadband will want to make sure they have all the information they need to make the right decision. And speaking of satellite, Hoppy can be used to compare all the best satellite TV offers available in your area as well.

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