Now TV is best known for their TV services and there’s a good reason for that. However, the company gets slightly less recognition for the broadband side of their packages. This is a shame because it’s clear that Now TV broadband deals are taken just as seriously, and are managed with just as much care, as the TV offerings.

But it’s understandable why Now TV as a broadband provider doesn’t always get the praise they deserve - there’s simply too much choice out there when it comes to broadband. This means a lot of customers are not always getting the deal that’s best for them, simply because of the overwhelming number of providers to choose from. Don’t get us wrong though, a choice is a wonderful thing as it means you can pay for exactly what you want and nothing more. For example, Now TV offers broadband packages without TV content being a necessary add-on.

However, because there are so many deals from so many different companies, actually sitting down and figuring out which is your best option can be a mammoth task. But it doesn’t have to be. Customers should be able to reap the benefits of greater competition without being buried in information - so Hoppy is here to help.

Compare Now TV broadband

The first decision anyone should make before looking to compare broadband providers is what type of package deal they actually want. Here we’ll be focusing on just the broadband options from Now TV without any additional extras, but it’s important to note that television passes and TV smart boxes are available at any time. This means that Now TV can offer a great amount of flexibility to their customers if they change their mind. So, in terms of comparing the types of Now TV broadband, it’s simply a case of choosing the best deal, and adding any extras later on.

The basic Now TV broadband packages are very straightforward – they all include unlimited downloads and line rental, with the same set up, postage and package costs. The difference between them is the NOW TV broadband speed that’s available, and at what price. It really is as simple as deciding what download speeds you need and what monthly price suits you. Now TV offers three broadband products: Brilliant Broadband which averages 10Mbps, Fab Fibre which averages 36Mbps, and Super Fibre which averages 58Mbps. The complicated part really isn’t comparing Now TV’s options, it’s comparing them to other providers.

How Hoppy can help

We take the complex business of finding the best deals on the market and make it simple. All you need to do is enter your postcode and we’ll show you all the providers in your local area, making it easy to compare them at a glance.

With our price comparison tool, you can ensure that you get a good deal, and that your broadband buying experience is a Hoppy one.

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