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12 month contract
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Broadband & TV packages to suit your needs

Whether you're looking to upgrade your current broadband package, change suppliers, or are on the hunt for a new TV package, we've got you covered. 

Hoppy is here to hunt down the best deals for you. Let us do the hard work and find the right package for you and then you can easily switch using us to make it even simpler. 

  • Compare our best TV & Broadband deals
  • Find your perfect package
  • Access to cheap bundles 
  • Variety of packages to choose from
Where does Hoppy's information for broadband and TV deals come from?

We work with the team from Broadband Choices to get you the best deals. They’re the UK’s largest Ofcom-accredited broadband and entertainment comparison service. It’s that Ofcom accreditation that is so important as it means that you can trust them to be fair. So we can focus on helping customers find the best deals on the market. Hoppy is pleased to be working with them.  

For more information, check out

How do Broadband Choices list TV & broadband deals? 

Partnering with Broadband Choices allows us to display all the TV & broadband deals by total first-year cost. This includes any postage and packing plus installation fees. So it’s a real like for like comparison, and it’s clear what you are getting. Not included are charges such as phone calls, going over your usage allowance, all those on-demand films and so on. 

Some ‘special’ offer deals you see around may appear better value than they actually are.

Below are broadband and TV suppliers that broadbandchoices lists: 

bOnline BT BT Business
EE John Lewis Broadband Now TV
Plusnet Post Office OneBill
Relish Sky TalkTalk
TalkTalk Business Virgin Media XLN Telecom
SSE Vodafone  


How does Hoppy make money?

Using Hoppy is free and always will be to you, the consumer. We make our money by receiving advertising fees and commission from a number of service providers. We check that this doesn’t increase the cost of any packages you might sign up to via Hoppy.

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