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If you’re experiencing any issues with your roof, then you’ll need to enlist the help of a roofer. Roofers work on all types of roofs, including thatched, tile, slate, and flat. Most roofing work tackles the integrity of the roof to ensure that your home is protected from the elements. Instead of searching ‘roofers near me’, let Hoppy give you a helping hand. We’ll find you trusted local roofers in no time at all.

What can a roofer help with?

  • Tiling and re-slating roofs
  • Building or repairing chimneys
  • Fitting skylight windows
  • Building or repairing chimneys
  • Replacing lead sheeting
  • Fitting rainwater or guttering pipes

How Hoppy helps you choose a roofer with Rated People

Hoppy has partnered with Rated People to help you find local trusted roofer and get the job done in just 4 easy steps. 

  1. Select ‘roofer’ from the list of trades and tell Hoppy all about your job by completing a short form. 
  2. Then post your job – you’ll get a confirmation email from Hoppy and our partner Rated People that your job has been posted, with a link to where you can manage it. 
  3. Now sit back and wait to hear from up to 3 trusted tradespeople about your job – be sure to check out their profiles, where you’ll find examples of previous work and genuine reviews. 
  4. Then simply choose the right person for your job! 

What questions should you ask a roofer?

  • How long have you been trading?
  • Will you supply all the materials for the job?
  • Will you be carrying out all the work yourself or subcontracting a part of the job?
  • Have you carried out similar work before?
  • Will you provide a warranty for the work and how long does it last for?

Common Questions to ask a roofer

What to do if your roof is leaking?

If you discover than your roof is leaking, try not to worry that you’ll need the whole roof replaced. The extent of the problem will need to be assessed by a roofer, who can tell you whether your leak is localised or not, and the best solution for you. Most often it’s the flashing material and not the roofing itself that has been damaged, meaning only the flashing needs to be changed. However, if your roof is particularly old or looks like it might not last too much longer, you might receive a recommendation to replace it.

Will I need planning permission for a roofing job?

Most roofs can be altered without planning permission. As long as the alteration is no more than 150mm from the existing roof pane or higher than the highest part of your roof, then you can go ahead with the job. All jobs outside of these parameters will fall under the ‘enlargement of a dwelling house consisting of an addition or alteration to its roof’, basically meaning a loft conversion, which does require planning permission.

What are the building regulations for roofing jobs?

Recovering less than 25% of a pitch or a flat roof usually means you can do so without submitting a building regulations application. You will need to submit for approval if you’re altering the structure of the roof; the performance of the new covering will be very different to the performance of the old one in the event of a fire; or you’re replacing or repairing more than 25% of the area, which usually means that thermal insulation will need to be improved.

Do roofers need insurance?

Legally, there’s no obligation for roofers to be insured though many choose to have public liability insurance providing coverage in cases of accident, injury, or damage to the property.

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