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Perhaps more than any other type of tradesperson, carpenters are responsible for some of the most ambitious home improvements. They can create complex and intricate designs that improve the aesthetic of a property. That being said, they are often hired to carry out repairs or to create smaller and simpler furniture pieces. However, there are times when a carpenter is hired for a project that will dramatically transform a home.

No matter what size of job though, whether it’s a quick spot of joinery or a major renovation, a bad carpentry job can end up costing a whole lot more than the initial quote if further repairs are needed to fix a botched job. Carpentry is a well-paid profession, which can mean it’s tempting for people to get into the trade without the necessary skills or qualifications. This is especially a problem if you need quite a lot of expensive work, which is often the case. It’s therefore vital to find reliable and experienced professionals, as a bad job could leave you having to pay for repairs.

Find a carpenter with Hoppy and Rated People

Hoppy and Rated People can really save you time, money and stress. Due to the high skill level and large investments associated with this type of work, you’ll want to ensure you hire the best possible carpenter for the job.

So, how does it work?

1.    Select ‘carpenter’ from the list of trades.
2.    Post the job you need help with pictures and the budget you have in mind.
3.    Wait for an email from our partners Rated People for quotes from up to 3 carpenters. Check out their profiles, where you’ll find examples of previous work and  genuine reviews.
4.    Now simply choose the right person for your job!.

Why Hoppy partnered with Rated People 

When booking through Hoppy, you’ll have peace of mind that you’re getting a qualified and competent tradesperson, thanks to our partnership with Rated People. There are over 50,000 vetted tradespeople signed up to Rated People and each job you post will be matched with up to three of them for you to pick from. The site is both easy and free to use - which is why over 1 million jobs are posted on it every year.

With Hoppy, you know you’re in safe hands. So, let us do the hard work, just sit back and marvel at the beautiful results in your home.

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