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There are few things more inconvenient than a broken boiler, something that can be especially troublesome during winter, a time when many boiler-servicing companies are experiencing high numbers of call outs.

This is why a regular boiler service is so important. Not only will it ensure that there’s a constant supply of heating and hot water, but it can also help improve the efficiency of a boiler. An inefficient boiler can increase a household bill, meaning a service could actually cost less in the long run.

A regular service will also ensure that every part of the boiler is working properly. When a boiler is running smoothly, it’s easy to think it won’t ever have a problem. However, issues can build up over time and the longer they are left, the more complex and expensive they eventually become to fix. This is why it’s important to have your boiler serviced before a problem arises, as this is likely to save you more over time.

When should you book a boiler service?

At the very least, a boiler must be serviced annually, which should be enough to identify any obvious wear and tear, and fulfil warranty obligations, as a lot of new boilers come with warranties that require an annual inspection. Failure to service your boiler could void the warranty, and it could also have an impact on your overall home insurance policy. Therefore, not servicing a boiler can leave customers in seriously hot water when things start to go wrong.

As mentioned above, it’s important to consider the option of arranging a service during summer as boiler and heater services are usually extremely busy during winter. Not only is the wait likely to be less, but you’ll also be prepared for when it’s cold outside, and the boiler is an essential part of the home.

Pro-tip, when moving to a new property, be sure to organise a boiler inspection or service as soon as you move in. This is because it can be difficult to tell what condition the boiler is in and when it had been serviced last. Doing this will also come in handy when choosing an annual service date

How to organise a boiler service

According to an investigation by the consumer watchdog Which? that secretly monitored ten boiler engineers servicing a boiler, seven failed to carry out the minimum legal checks, while four failed to fix the gas pressure that had been deliberately set too high. One engineer even fabricated test results on the paperwork. This potentially dangerous gas work can have serious consequences, so it is important to know that a boiler engineer is qualified, trustworthy and thorough with their servicing.

There are a variety of ways to book a heating engineer, either through a gas supplier, a servicing company or through an independent organisation. Heating engineers are solely dedicated to maintaining the heating of a property, but some may specialise in fixtures and fittings, like underfloor heating and radiators. With so many different types of boilers on the market, it’s important that your chosen engineer is well-versed in the mechanics of yours, making it vital for the engineer to be Gas Safe registered, and to give you an account of what will be included in the service before making the booking.

For further peace of mind, you should watch the engineer while they carry out their servicing checks. A boiler service should last around 30 minutes, so if the service ends sooner than expected, inquire if all the essential checks have been completed. When the appointment is completed, the engineer should supply a written report. Always look this over to make sure it has been accurately and thoroughly filled out. Should any concerns arise during the service, you can either contact the organisation that sent them or call 0800 408 5500 to contact the Gas Safe Register.

Find gas engineers with Hoppy and Rated People

At Hoppy, we make finding a reliable and qualified gas engineer quick and simple thanks to our partner, Rated People.

  1. Select ‘gas engineer’ from the list of trades and tell Hoppy all about your job by completing a short form. 

  2. Then post your job - you'll get a confirmation email from Hoppy and our partner Rated People that your job has been posted, with a link to where you can manage it. 

  3. Now sit back and wait to hear from up to 3 trusted tradespeople about your job - be sure to check out their profiles, where you’ll find examples of previous work and genuine reviews. 

  4. Then simply choose the right person for your job! 

We’re dedicated to making home management straightforward. That’s why, as well as bringing you top recommendations for trades services, we also compare everything from phone providers to energy suppliers and TV and broadband deals. Plus, with our digital logbook, you can store all those important documents in one easy-to-access online space, as well as receive handy reminders for upcoming tasks that require your attention.

So, don’t neglect your boiler. Find a boiler engineer in just a few clicks to ensure you stay warm and Hoppy at home.

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