A new bathroom installation not only makes a home more attractive, but it can also be a wise investment as well. According to Zopa, a new bathroom is one of the home improvements that offer the most value, offering on average a 48% return on investment. Additionally, adding an extra bathroom can add a whopping £12,000 to a house’s value, with 70% of estate agents believing that an additional water closet can help to sell a home faster.

It doesn’t have to be a big job either. Something as simple as an electric or power shower installation can boost value, according to 70% of estate agents surveyed by HouseBeautiful.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a wet room installation, an en-suite remodelling or the fitting of an entirely new family bathroom, it’s always important to ensure you find the right tradesman for the job. With the average bathroom refurbishment costing around £6,000, mistakes can be expensive and could have a serious implication. Thankfully, Hoppy is here to help.

Considerations when hiring a bathroom fitter

Bathrooms can be big purchases and there are so many different skills required from job to job. Therefore, it’s important to hire a tradesperson who has completed similar projects before. Always ask to view their portfolio to get an idea about the quality of their work. Requesting references from past clients can also give you a valuable insight into how they work. While qualifications certainly aren’t everything, they can give peace of mind that your bathroom fitter is skilled and reliable, as can membership with trade associations. Trade bodies such as the Federation of Master Builders, Guild of Master Craftsmen and the Kitchen, Bathroom and Bedroom Association (KBSA) can act as a seal of quality approval.

More complex projects may require electrical work, such as installing a power shower, ventilation fans or new lighting. If this is the case, then the work will have to be conducted by a qualified electrician, who is registered with a competent persons scheme, and could possibly also require approval by the Building Control department at the local authority. This is to ensure that the work is safe and that no problems occur further down the line. Similarly, plumbing or gas work will need to be carried out by the properly qualified and registered tradesperson. Make sure you discuss these requirements with your tradesperson before work starts.

If a new bathroom suite is required, then purchasing parts directly from a retailer can help to reduce the bathroom installation cost compared to buying through the tradesperson. Make sure you have approval from the tradesman though before doing this and always check for the guarantees or warranties that cover the fittings. A ten-year plus warranty is an ideal minimum.

As we use our bathrooms every single day, you may want to make alternative arrangements while work is ongoing. These arrangements will depend on the length of time the work takes, but with gym facilities, neighbour's bathrooms or even trips away can all be valuable options during this period.

Find bathroom fitters near me with Hoppy

We make it quick and easy to find a tradesman you can trust in your local area. In partnership with Plentific, we bring you top recommendations for a range of services, all from Verified Plentific Pros who have undergone rigorous testing to guarantee they meet the highest of standards. The Plentific Guarantee gives you peace of mind with secure online payments, which are held until the job is complete. If your pro is unable to finish the work for whatever reason, we will arrange for another on your behalf.

So, stop worrying about negotiating quotes or organising appointments. Find trustworthy bathroom fitters in your area, find clearly displayed hourly rates and make a booking so quickly and easily. A Hoppy home is just a few clicks away.

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