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There are some jobs around the house that really need outside assistance. DIY is far from always being the best option; painting, hanging pictures just so, dealing with the plumbing problems – professionals will know best how to complete any task. Save yourself the headache, and possible costs of fixing a DIY mistake, by searching for trustworthy and local tradespeople with Hoppy today.


Whether you’re looking for appliance maintenance, gardening and anything in between, let Hoppy help with our range of services. We know how busy life can get and that sometimes you’ll require assistance from qualified professionals to help maintain your home life. With Hoppy’s easy to use system, finding someone to deal with any home maintenance or issue will be a breeze.


Undertaking a big home project is a very exciting prospect. From installing your dream kitchen to finally getting some extra space through a loft conversion – the possibilities are almost endless! It’s then of extra importance to find professionals with relevant experience and expertise in big projects. Using Hoppy makes this easy so that you’re able to relax as your dream home project smoothly comes to life.

How does Hoppy find me a tradesperson?

Hoppy have teamed up with a company called Plentific, this gives you access to a wide range of home maintenance services, from fixing leaky gutters to full-scale loft conversions. You can get a quote, delivered by your local trade professional, or pay a fixed price for a job. It’s completely up to you.

What happens after I post a job?

By posting a job, you can get quotes for the work before you commit. Once you’ve given the details, the request is sent out to the network of tradespeople in your area. 

Anyone interested in the job can message your Plentific inbox and quote for the job. You can review the quotes and the trade pros’ profiles, and ask more questions before choosing the right one. Once you accept, the job can start. 

How do I accept a quote?

Simply log into Plentific, select ‘My projects’ and choose the project you’d like to accept a quote for.  

On the next screen there’s a list of trade pros interested in your job. Click on your chosen pro and select ‘Accept quote’. 

NOTE: to confirm your choice you’ll need to pay a deposit. For jobs under £250 it’s 50% of the job’s value. For those above £250 it’s 25%. 

How do I pay my trade pro?

Once the trade pro is ready to be paid they’ll send you an invoice via Plentific. If you’re happy, simply click ‘Pay balance’ to submit your payment. It’s that easy. 

Your invoice will be itemised with descriptions, so you know exactly what you’re paying for. Invoices for smaller amounts may just show one amount.

When do I need to pay my trade pro?

The first payment you make with your trade pro will be the deposit. And you’ll need to pay this to accept their quote. For jobs under £250 you pay a 50% deposit. For any projects above £250 it’s 25%. 

Once the work’s done, paying the balance depends on your arrangement with your trade pro. Usually, they invoice when the job’s been completed although for larger jobs they may want to set up a schedule of payments. This needs to be agreed before the job begins. 

Are my payments secure?

Yes. All payments sent via Plentific are 100% secure and confidential. So you can rest easy that any payments you make will reach your trade pro. 

What about cancellations or refunds?

If you want to cancel a job, the refund amount depends on what stage it’s at: 

If you’ve accepted a quote but haven’t paid your deposit, you can cancel anytime  If you’ve paid your deposit, you can get a refund if you cancel within 14 days. Although your trade pro may charge admin fees 


If your trade pro has already taken your deposit and it’s still within 14 days, they must pay back the amount through Plentific. 

  • If you’re within 14 days of the work starting on your project, you can get a deposit refund 
  • After 14 days, your deposit won’t be refunded 


Who are Plentific?

Plentific is our trusted trades’ partner and Europe’s first fully-transactional home service marketplace. Hoppy chose them after a rigorous process. They have thousands of expert tradespeople ready and waiting to take on a range of new work. What’s more they can support you at every stage of your home improvement journey. From finding help to paying for a job well done.

What’s the Plentific Guarantee then?

The Plentific Guarantee protects Hoppy customers when they hire trade professionals through Hoppy. It’s unique to the home improvement industry and you won’t find this level of cover anywhere else. We at Hoppy want you to be able to trust the Pro who is going to come and help you.

When you book a Plentific Pro, the Guarantee will ensure that they complete all of the agreed work to a high standard. They will help to arrange for the Pro to return if the work is not up to par; if the Pro is unavailable, Plentific will even arrange for a replacement and cover up to £1,000 in additional work.  

Each and every job booked through Plentific is covered by the Guarantee.

Does the Plentific Guarantee cost extra?

No. It’s to give you the peace of mind that any job booked through Hoppy, means you are going to get the job done right.

What’s a ‘Verified Pro’?

Verified Pros are trade professionals who’ve passed a rigorous screening test not just to show that they do top quality work but also that they have an excellent track record with customers.  

Only Verified Pros can offer Plentific’s insurance-backed ‘Workmanship Cover’ policy, which can insure a completed job for up to £50,000 for two years.



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