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As the house buying market is becoming more difficult to enter, renting in the UK has become increasingly popular.

Hoppy have created a free rental checklist with the steps you need to find a house or flat .

Moving house checklist

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Two Months Before

Work out your budget


Knowing how much you can afford will narrow down the number of homes available.

On average, we estimate you are likely to spend 30% of you salary renting. However, in a city such as London, you may have to budget up to 50%.

As well as rent, don’t forget you’ll need to consider other costs such as a deposit, utility bills, council tax and home entertainment such as a TV licence and TV and broadband packages.

Our property value checker below should help you to understand rental market in the area you are looking to move in so you will know exactly what to offer.  


Property search


There are many property websites that can help you with your search such as Right Move or you can contact local estate agents or ask your friends and family if they know of anything.

If you want to look at the latest school information, crime stats and rental prices in an area, check out our dashboard which has all this and more!

Once you have found a few properties, always view them in person as it may look different than the pictures. First, contact the renting agent/landlord and arrange a time and try to have a few viewings lined up as you may not like the first house you see. Importantly, check the condition of the house, the main appliances such as fridge, cooker and shower are working accordingly.

Hoppy Tips:

  • You should not be asked to hand over any money view a property.

  • Hold viewings in the same area around the same time to help save you time and money from travelling.

Before signing the contract


When you're ready to make an offer contact the letting agent/landlord as soon as possible and confirm in writing the amount of rent you are offering to pay, the length of the contract and your move in date.

If you think the rental price is not realistic once you've viewed the property, you can offer a counter rent, for example if it's slightly run down you can offer to pay less, or if you really want it and know there's competition you can offer to pay more.

Things to look our for before signing the contract are when the rent is due, what is expected of your behaviour, any restrictions within your contract i.e no pets. If something doesn’t make sense or isn’t quite right, be sure to raise it immediately before signing.

Deposit and deposit protection scheme


Deposits are to be paid to your landlord/letting agent prior to moving in.

There are two types of deposits, a holding deposit - if you back out at this stage you will lose the money, if the landlord/agency cancel you will be get this back. 
Security deposit - usually two months rent, covers any missed rent you may have during your stay or major damage done to the property.

Although deposits are not legally required, it is important to insure that your landlord has stored your deposit in the government backed tenancy protection scheme.

Your deposit is paid back at the end of your tenancy, unless you breach the conditions. Be sure to confirm the amount of the deposit upfront and ensure you’re comfortable with the t&c's.

One Month Before

References and documents


You may be asked to provide references from a previous landlord to verify your eligibility as a good tenant as well as being asked to show 3 months of recent bank statements to prove you're able to pay the rent, if you don't have this you can nominate up to two guarantors who will be responsible for covering the rent and any costs if you fail to do so.

Man with a van


Plan-ahead and book your removals early as possible so you can guarantee they'll be available on the day and time you need.

Book one of our trusted removal services to give you a helping hand.

Man with a van

Set up your broadband deal


Many companies offer great deals for new customers only, so moving is great time to get a new broadband set up, Finding the right Broadband deal is easy, you can check out our comparison page to view current deals, and switching through Hoppy takes care of the whole switch process for you.

Latest broadband deals

A Week or Two Before

Landlord Inventory


Take pictures and note exactly what condition your home is and any items/furnishings included, with each item listed out separately.

Your landlord/letting agent may provide someone to do this with you. This ensure's everything is of a fit condition and any items that have been previously damaged prior to your move in won't be charged to you.

Content Insurance


You will want to get content insurance for items such as laptops, tv etc. If anything was to get damaged or go missing it wouldn't be the landlords responsibility. 

Hoppy work with a number of trusted providers that can provide you with cover.

After the move

Register with energy supplier (and switch)


Remember to take meter readings on the first day you move in and contact the current supplier of the property or a new supplier. As the moving process can be costly, you will want to think of ways to start saving some money. Why not consider switching your energy to find a cheaper energy tariff. You can find the latest deals with Hoppy below. 

Find a better energy deal

Get TV and broadband (if you have not already done so)


Moving is a stress so you may have left Broadband and TV to the last minute. But don't worry, Hoppy is here to help you. 

Often in your new place, there may be different providers to your previous one or simply there may be no BT socket to transfer your service. Why not to take the time to save and find new deal that can save you money. 

Compare broadband deals


Hoppy tip:

  • You can save more if you take a combined TV, Broadband and phone deal from the same supplier. 


Do up your home, find a tradesman


Agreeing it with your landlord, you can make improvements on your new house and make it feel more like a home whilst maintaining the condition of the house.


Find a trusted tradesman



Change of address - tell everyone you've moved


Now you have finally moved, be sure to the let the important people know your new address. As well as friends and family you will need to let any businesses and official correspondence notified of the changes. Use our list below to help guide you.

Print out a copy of the list here

Government bodies
Department for Work and Pensions
HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC)
Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA)
Electoral roll

TV Licensing
Your local authority

Financial companies
Banking and savings account providers
Credit card companies
Investment funds
Store loyalty card providers
Pension services

Insurance providers
Car insurance
Home insurance
Mobile phone insurance
Pet insurance
Life insurance
Health insurance

Utility suppliers
Water supplier
Gas and electricity provider

Regular bills
Mobile phone 
Telecoms provider 
Broadband Cable TV 
Monthly subscriptions, magazines, food deliveries
Gym membership

Health services
If you are moving to a new area you may need to register with a new local GP -  do this as early as possible in case there's a waiting list.

Work and education
Your employer
Child's school

Hoppy tip

  •  This list may take a while for you to work through, in the interim you can make use of the Post Office’s change-of-address service, with 10 days notice you can request all mail to be redirected from your old address to your new address. You can keep this service for 3, 6 or 12 months after moving.



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