We’ve never been more reliant on our smartphones than we are today. From sending important work emails on the go to updating our social media feeds with our latest holiday snaps, our mobile devices are an all-in-one work, social and entertainment hub. So, it can be a nightmare situation when you try to send a text, make a call or browse the web, only to find that you’ve hit your monthly data allowance.

Whether you are on a monthly contract or a SIM only deal, exceeding your set monthly allowance can incur costly charges. It’s easy to spend too long browsing online or chatting away to our friends, resulting in some pretty nasty surprises when the bill arrives.

The solution is simple. Many network providers now offer unlimited data SIM deals, making overspending on your mobile usage a thing of the past.

What are unlimited data SIM only deals?

Unlimited SIM only deals are pretty much exactly what they sound like. They are contracts with network providers where you only pay for the SIM card – not a mobile device – and can enjoy an unlimited number of texts, minutes and mobile data. This makes it ideal for anyone who already owns a smartphone that they don’t want to change or upgrade, but require no restrictions on their usage.

The benefits of SIM only deals are pretty clear. As well as being cheaper than monthly contracts which include the price of a handset, they also offer greater flexibility. Customers aren’t tied into a lengthy 24-month contract, with many SIM only deals lasting for as little as 30 days. This means users are free to shop around for the best deals from different providers or to change mobile devices whenever they want.

Considerations when choosing an unlimited SIM only deal

As the allowances are the same across unlimited SIM only deals, the main considerations will be the price. Alternatively, if you tend to consistently exceed your texts or minutes, but rarely go over your mobile data – perhaps because you often take advantage of Wi-Fi connections – then you can opt for a SIM only deal that offers unlimited texts and minutes with a set amount of mobile data per month. These will likely be more affordable than plans that offer unlimited allowances across the board.

It’s also a good idea to do some research into the benefits offered by different network providers. For example, O2 offers their customers a range of rewards with O2 Priority, including early access to music and sport event tickets before they go on general sale, as well as exclusive offers and access to certain bars. These added incentives can really sweeten the deal, so are worth keeping an eye out for.

How Hoppy can help

If you know that an unlimited SIM only contract is right for you, then we can help you compare your options across all the different network providers. In just a few clicks, we’ll show you all the best SIM only deals with unlimited internet, texts and minutes, so you can rest assured you are getting a great price.

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