Three is an award winning mobile network with plenty of satisfied customers and impressive accolades to their name. In 2017, the company was named Best Network for Data and Best Network for Roaming by the Mobile Choice Consumer Awards. When you consider all the benefits they offer their customers, it’s not hard to see why.

With their Go Binge offer on 12GB and Advanced voice plans, Three customers can use their favourite apps, from Netflix to Snapchat, all without it using up their data. They also take the stress out of using mobiles abroad, with data roaming at no extra cost in up to 71 destinations around the world. Plus, the exclusive Wuntu app rewards Three customers can get fantastic offers on all their favourite brands.

Another way Three excels is with the sheer choice of plans, with Essential plans allowing customers to cut out all the unnecessary extras and only pay for the things they want. One of the best ways for customers to really save is with SIM only, and when it comes to Three SIM only deals, there’s no shortage of options.

Why choose a SIM only deal?

For customers who already own a handset and don’t want to change or upgrade, a SIM only plan is ideal. The network provider gives users a SIM card, which has a set amount of texts, minutes and data allowances for each month. This can be used with their existing smartphone, making it a much more affordable option than handset inclusive plans.

SIM only plans are cheaper and flexible. While most monthly plans are offered on a 24 month contract, Three SIM only deals are available for a one-month or 12 month contract. This means customers aren’t tied into lengthy contracts and can enjoy more freedom to shop around for the best deals.

The Three SIM only deals

Three offer a choice of SIM only plans, with the price depending on the monthly allowances and contract length. A one month contract tends to be slightly more expensive than a 12 month contract, but it does offer more flexibility to change plans.

The cheapest option that Three offers is their 500MB data 12-month Essential plan. This includes 200 minutes and all-you-can-use texts for just £9 a month – it’s a good choice for anyone who wants an affordable plan with no bells and whistles. The cheapest one month plan is the 1GB data Essential Plan, which includes 600 minutes and all-you-can-use texts for £15 a month.

Most other Three SIM only deals come with a range of benefits that include personal hotspots, Go Binge and Feel At Home Around the World roaming. For customers who want to take advantage of these with absolutely no restrictions to their usage, then they can opt for the most expensive plans. These include the all-you-can-use data Advanced plans, which come with unlimited data, minutes and texts for £34 a month on a 12 month contract, or £35 a month on a one month contract.

Three allows their SIM only customers to be in charge of their spending with usage limits and alerts. Outgoing calls can be blocked when customers run out of minutes, along with numbers that fall outside of the allowance, to ensure that there are never any nasty surprises on the bill. If they run out of data halfway through the month, Three allows them to add extra data to their plan at any time.

How Hoppy can help

If you’ve decided that Three is right for you, then use our handy comparison tool to find the perfect SIM only plan. It’s quick, simple and will find you a deal that really makes you Hoppy in just a few clicks.

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