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Smarty SIM Only Deal
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Smarty SIM Only Deal
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SMARTY mobile is another new SIM only mobile network, joining the likes of iD mobile with a promise to offer easy, good value deals for its customers. It’s one of steadily growing numbers of MVNOs (mobile virtual network operators) within the UK and it’s backed by Three. Want to know what makes SMARTY special and if it’s the right mobile provider for you? Hoppy has all the answers.  

Network coverage

SMARTY uses Three’s network in a process known as ‘piggybacking’ to provide coverage. What it means is that the customers get the same network coverage as Three’s customers – there’s no need to worry that a new, smaller provider will have worse coverage. Three’s network covers 97% of the UK, plus it has invested recently into spreading and improving coverage further, especially indoors.

More good news – Three rank second behind EE for overall performance as well as data, text, and reliability. Its speeds trail slightly behind EE and Vodafone though.   

Handsets on offer

SMARTY really means it with the SIM only offering – there are no handsets to be found here. If you want to take advantage of its deals, you’ll need to have a handset at the ready or be willing to purchase one, new or refurbished, depending on your budget.

You can still keep your number by getting a PAC code from your current provider.

SMARTY mobile deals and plans

SMARTY wasn’t joking with their promise of simplicity; there are only 5 plans to choose from, which is refreshing in a market of endless and often confusing deals. The deals are simply named X-small, Small, Medium, Large, and Unlimited.

The X-small will get you unlimited calls and texts plus 1GB of data, the Small plan offers the same but with 2GB of data. Medium nabs you 4GB while the Large doubles the data allowance to 8GB, all with unlimited calls and texts. The Unlimited is just as the name suggests - unlimited, with all the calls, texts, and data you could need.

The prices start from £6.25 for the X-small, going up by just a £1 for the Medium, while the Unlimited will set customers back £25.

All plans come on a rolling monthly basis with no minimum term, giving you the freedom to switch if and when you fancy it. Your entire data allowance can also be used for tethering, meaning you can connect a computer or tablet to your handset’s mobile data connection by creating a personal WI-FI hotspot on your smartphone. This comes in handy if your internet connection is slow.

Didn’t use up all your data for the month? SMARTY will actually give you a discount on your next bill. This ensures that you’re never paying too much for data while adding extra data is easy, plus it never expires.

Customer service

Reaching SMARTY’s customer services will only be possible by online and by email, 7 days a week from 8am and 8pm. There’s no telephone number to call, which might annoy customers who wish to speak with a representative directly.

The main complaint that surfaces regarding SMARTY is SIM cards getting cut off when used for non-personal reasons. SMARTY makes clear that SIMs are not for commercial purposes and anyone looking for a business arrangement needs to look beyond SMARTY.

Is SMARTY mobile right for you?

SMARTY’s promise of a simple offering certainly stands up to scrutiny. The plans are limited in number, easy to differentiate, and the unused data discount is a great touch to ensure customers get a fair price. This makes SMARTY unique and a great provider for anyone looking for a no-frills deal. While some may wish to get their handset through their mobile provider, others will enjoy the total freedom of shopping around. SMARTY’s cheap SIM only deals can’t really be beaten right now and it’s going to be the right choice for customers desiring simplicity above all.

Ready to see how SMARTY compares with other providers? Let Hoppy help.

If you'd like more information and options on SIM only deals, check out Voxi, Gifgaff and Sky SIM only contract offers, or on all our popular mobile phones, contract phone deals and SIM only deals, visit our mobile hub.

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