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Sky Mobile

Sky is a household name, having been a provider of satellite television and broadband for many years. The company’s foray into the mobile market is a recent one – it launched in 2017 with SIM-only deals. It advertises itself as a supremely flexible service; customers have the option to roll over data, store it, and change your plan when it suits best. The flexible services were introduced after Sky interviewed thousands about their preferences when it came to mobile plans. Most wished that their plans could be adjusted and that’s why Sky’s deals are so easily customisable.

Want to find out more? Read Hoppy’s review of it below and see all the best Sky mobile deals.

Network Coverage

The Sky mobile services actually use O2’s network for coverage. Customers can expect good 4G coverage with O2 extending their 4G network to 98% of premises across the UK. Be sure to check out Sky’s coverage checker to see if you’re definitely covered.

Handsets on offer

Sky has a limited range of handsets on offer so far. If you’re after HTC, Nokia, or Huawei phones then you won’t find them at Sky. It does offer all the models from Apple, Samsung, and Sony, which they’ve found to be most popular among its customers. You’ll find all the latest releases from those makers plus a selection of older ones too.

Sky mobile deals and plans

Lovers of SIM-only deals will be happy to hear that Sky offers four. There’s 1GB, 3GB, 8GB, and 20GB of data per month. If you require any more data on top of your monthly allowance, then you can do so by adding 1GB increments at an extra cost.

The family plan sounds especially appealing as it’s eligible for up to five SIMs. The family plan lets you pool all the unused data and divide it up, topping up the allowance of those who need it most.

Rollover data plans aren’t new, though most providers only let you keep the data for a month. Sky allows you to ‘bank’ the unused data for up to three years – something Sky says saves its customers an average of £50 annually.

You can adjust whichever plan you’re on with thirty days’ notice, tweaking data and calls according to usage. This way you can feel confident that the plan you’re on is the best one for you.

Existing Sky TV customers, unsurprisingly, get the best perks with Sky Mobile, in the form of unlimited free calls and texts within the UK. Considering that each household of existing customers can register up to five SIMs, this can equate to an annual saving of £600! Additionally, existing customers also get Sky GO Extra for free (normally costing £60 per year) which allows them to watch content on up to four devices around the house. The same perk will be available to Sky Q customer by the end of the year.

SIM-only prices start from as low as £10 per month for 8GB of 4G data for a 12-month contract, with unlimited minutes and texts. You can get a Samsung Galaxy S9 £35 per month with 8GB of data, plus unlimited minutes and texts with a 30-month contract.

Sky also has a Swap24 feature which lets you swap your handset for newer models after 24 months.

Is Sky Mobile right for you?

This is an easy question to answer if you’re already an existing Sky customer: absolutely. The free calls and texts provide a great saving and the household deal can save you a significant amount of cash annually. It’s just a fantastic deal all around.

For everyone else, the answer isn’t as straightforward. Sky’s flexible deals are unlike others on the market and many are going to love the customisation aspect. You might end up paying a little more overall as ‘budget’ handsets aren’t on offer. Still, if you love your top-end models from Apple and Samsung then the deals offered by Sky are flexible enough to suit anybody.

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