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ID Mobile SIM Card
1200 mins
2.5GB data
ID Mobile SIM Card
Unlimited mins
10GB data
ID Mobile SIM Card
Unlimited mins
20GB data
ID Mobile SIM Card
Unlimited mins
6GB data

Launched by Dixons Carphone in 2014, iD Mobile came with the promise to dispel the most common complaints consumers have with other mobile providers. iD wants to keep things simple with the offer of flexible and cheap 4G services.

Since the launch, iD Mobile has developed a positive reputation among consumers for the value and flexibility of their products, which include a wide range of pay monthly, pay-as-you-go, and SIM-only tariffs. Also, on offer is the UK’s cheapest mobile deal.

Though not very well known, iD has quickly become one of the most influential mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) and is an intriguing alternative to the big four providers. Read on below to find out if iD Mobile is right for you.

Network Coverage

iD Mobile is one of the ‘piggyback’ providers that use the infrastructure of a much larger network, in this instance Three, to fulfil its services. Three’s 3G and 4G network covers 98.5 per cent of the UK, plus there has been a lot of investment to spread coverage, particularly indoors – iD’s customers get to enjoy the benefits of this too.

Three currently ranks at number two behind EE when it comes to overall performance and second for data, text, and reliability. While it’s joint first for the call category, it does trail behind on speeds – EE and Vodafone are ahead.

Handsets with 4G compatibility can take advantage of iD’s 4G calling option – it offers superior call quality, drains the battery slower, and vastly improves the quality of indoor calls thanks to the low-level high-range spectrum, which penetrates walls and buildings with far less effort.

Handsets on offer

iD offers its customers a wide range of handsets to go with their SIMs, including budget models that not all providers stock. Major manufacturers like Google, Huawei, Sony, Apple, Nokia are well represented, plus budget models for anyone looking to keep costs minimal. You’ll even find a few handsets without upfront costs.

Lovers of the latest iPhones might be disappointed to learn that while there’s a good selection, the iPhone X is nowhere to be found. Oddly, the most recent iPhone available through iD is the iPhone 8. Android fans can rest easy, both the Google Pixel 2 and the Samsung Galaxy S9 are on offer. Refurbished phones can also be found through iD, which is always a nice, budget-friendly option to have. Of course, the range of devices will be somewhat small, and iD’s is limited to older ones like the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S7.

iD Mobile deals and plans

With iD Mobile, you can get SIM-only, pay monthly, and pay-as-you-go plans – sticking to the promise of giving the customer maximum flexibility. Data allowances start from a measly 500MB and ramping up to a gigantic 30GB through SIM-only. While these come with a variable combination of minutes and texts, there are no unlimited options.

Be aware that most pay monthly handset deals will lock you in for 24 months, which isn’t going to appeal to some. SIM-only deals are, however, available on a rolling monthly basis – no need to make a long-term commitment to get the best price.

All iD’s plans automatically come with data rollover, a definite plus in Hoppy’s book, as it means that any unused allowance at the end of the month will roll over without you the need for you to keep an eye on it. In addition, this data gets used up first, and you’ve got the whole month to take advantage of it. We also like that you can cap your monthly spend, preventing any unpleasant surprises when the bill arrives.

Customers living in areas with poor fixed broadband speeds or simply those working on the go can look to iD and use its network for mobile broadband services too. There are some plans on offer and MiFi devices to choose from. The plans start from a modest 2GB and going all the way up to 15GB.

Customer service

Like many other networks, iD offers an online customer service chat. It runs between the hours of 9am and 8pm on weekdays plus between 9am and 6pm on weekends and bank holidays. Want to chat to someone over the phone? You can ring iD Mobile directly on 0333 003 7777– the same hours of service apply.

Is iD Mobile right for you?

For customers on a budget, there’s a lot to like about iD Mobile. Its cheapest offers are often hard to beat, starting from £6 for SIM-only, and the range of 30-day SIM-only deals provide a lot of options minus the financial risk.

It’s somewhat odd for iD not to offer any unlimited plans as very few providers do so in the current market. There’s also the potential issue of data allowance; the largest on SIM-only is 20GB, dropping to 15GB with a handset. Many will find that limiting, plus we know that other providers can offer more data at a very similar price point. The SIM-only plans are definitely worth considering as they provide great value and flexibility, but any customers willing to pay a premium will get far better deals elsewhere.

Want to see how iD Mobile compares to other providers? Hoppy can help.

If you'd like more information and options on SIM only deals, check out Gifgaff, Three and Sky SIM only contract offers, or on all our popular mobile phones, contract phone deals and SIM only deals, visit our mobile hub.

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