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20GB data
Free SIM
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BT Mobile

BT have been offering broadband and TV services to customers for a long time. In 2015 the company launched its mobile services with contract deals, handsets, and attractive discounts for existing BT customers.

The market of mobile service providers is quite crowded and picking the best mobile provider for you can be tricky. Read on to discover more about what’s on offer and the kind of BT mobile deals there are to choose from.

Network coverage

BT’s customers don’t have to worry about coverage as BT uses EE’s network, which has the widest 4G coverage in the UK. The coverage checker from BT will break down the different types of signals your phone receives and the quality you can expect.

Ever wondered what all those Gs meant? G stands for generation, denoting the amount of power a mobile network has to send out and receive information. 2G coverage will tell you just how fast your texts will send and the clarity of calls, meanwhile 3G checker can give you an idea of the strength of signal you’ll get when browsing the web, emailing, and downloading/uploading documents. When it comes to speeds for streaming and browsing online, a strong 4G signal is essential for a seamless experience.

Handsets on offer

Lovers of the latest handsets will be satisfied with the models BT offers – they’ve got the newest releases from Sony, Nokia, Apple, and Samsung. Older models are unfortunately more difficult to come by, so anyone not wishing to pay a premium might be disappointed and will be better off with a different provider. BT’s range of handsets from Sony and Nokia is rather small with a limited number of only the newest models to pick from; handsets by Apple and Samsung tend to be favoured, possibly due to their premium price tags. You also won’t find any alternatives like Huawei, LG, or OnePlus – BT simply doesn’t stock them.

BT mobile SIM deals and plans

BT’s cheapest prices are, unsurprisingly, reserved for its broadband customers but everyone else can still get a decent price on SIM-only. If you’re an existing BT broadband customer, then your discount will be applied automatically each month without any input from you.

There are no unlimited data deals to find with BT although every contract and SIM-only deal comes standard with free minutes and texts.

The starter plan for existing customers, priced at just £8, comes with a tiny 500MB of data. The more you’re willing to spend, however, the better – higher priced plans come with free BT Sport through the BT app. You’ll be able to watch top games from the FA Cup to the Premier League but only through your phone, which will obviously require a decent chunk of data. For that, there’s The Max Plan with 20GB of data for £22 and The Heavy Streaming Plan is £25 for 40GB of data. New customers should expect to pay an average of £5 extra for each plan.

The SIM-only plans are only available on a 12-month contract, without any 30-day options on offer – clearly BT want to lock in customers for the long term.

The Family SIM deal is a good money saver – if more than one member of the family is using BT mobile, then you can claim a reduced rate for each extra SIM. In addition to this, while the first Family SIM is locked into a 12-month contract, the extra ones are on a 30-day rolling plan, giving you the freedom to cancel or change the plan at any time. BT Sports isn’t available on a SIM-only deal and would need to be purchased as a monthly add-on.

Customer service

BT’s customer service is handily available 24/7, which you can access by calling or through a live chat that’s accessible through its website.

Is BT mobile right for you?

By the look of things BT’s existing customers have the most to gain when it comes to the mobile offering. The choice of SIM-only and contract options is plentiful, and the free calls and texts are a nice touch, though it’s not likely to sway non-existing customers. BT also limits its customers when it comes to handsets; the selection is rather small and confined to the premium-priced models and brands. Sport lovers might just be swayed by the offer of BT Sport, which can help to save money elsewhere.

Overall, BT Mobile has some great deals but it’s targeting its existing broadband customers with the best ones. The SIM-only deals also look appealing if you have a handset you’re content with or plan to buy from elsewhere. Want to see how BT Mobile compares to other providers? Hoppy can help.

For more information on all our popular mobile phones, contract phone deals and SIM only deals, visit our mobile hub.

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