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Easy to use, saved me almost £400 per year on my utilities bill
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Really quick response from tradesman ,came next day and did the work for us thanx so much.
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good quick response from two…
good quick response from two tradespersons
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Mobile phone users may think that pay-as-you-go is a thing of the past: a relic from the earlier days of cellular devices when phones were basic but tough as bricks.

However, that’s really not the case at all. In fact, pay-as-you-go is more flexible than it ever has been, meaning that finding a deal that’s right for you has never been easier. Do you prefer having shorter contracts with less commitment than the standard 24 months? Do you have an unlocked phone and don’t want to be tied down to a more traditional contract? Hoppy is here to make sure you get the very best SIM only deal.

So, how exactly has pay-as-you-go changed for the best over the years, and what options are available?

First off, there’s the traditional SIM only deals, the most straightforward pay-as-you-go options that are pretty much exactly what they sound like: you top up with credit and then use that credit on phone calls, texts and data usage. Top providers, such as O2 or Three, can charge mere pennies for a minute of talk time and texts, while more expensive providers, like Asda Mobile, can cost significantly more.

While this is more expensive than some mobile options, it is ideal for those who want maximum flexibility and don’t want to be tied into any long-term commitments. There’s not much difference between deals in terms of what’s offered here, with the exception of internet speeds, so this is as simple as comparing price for price, which is exactly what Hoppy is great at.

There are also the hybrid pay as you go SIM deals which might be best described as ‘pay before you go’, as you pay for a bundle, including a set number of minutes, texts and data.

Hybrid pay-as-you-go SIM deals offer more options in terms of tailoring the deal to what you want. You can get different internet speeds, pay less for fewer minutes or less data, and do all this on the exact phone model you want - in some cases, without a contract.

For example, at the cheaper end, Giffgaff offers 150 minutes, 500 texts and 100Mb of data for £5 a month with no contract. Alternatively, you can spend a little more with the same company and get unlimited minutes, texts and 6GB of data for just £15.

How Hoppy can help

We’ve got plenty of options! There’s EE SIM only deals, O2 SIM only deals and Three SIM only deals, to name but a few. Across all the different pay-as-you-go options, there’s actually an incredible amount of possibilities. Trying to compare all the details of every deal out there is unbelievably time consuming, and there’s no reason you should ever settle for less than the absolute best deal for you.

Hoppy does the hard work, meaning you can get all the information you need in a matter of minutes. Get the right deal at the best price with us.

For more information on all our popular mobile phones, contract phone deals and SIM only deals, visit our mobile hub.

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