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As one of the biggest mobile providers in the UK, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that O2 offer some of the best SIM only deals on the market. Their high-quality service, range of customer benefits and competitive pricing has made them a favourite for customers nationwide. And, customers don’t have to commit to handset purchases or get tied down with lengthy contracts to enjoy all these advantages.

What is SIM only and is it right for me?

Most phone contracts include a handset, which naturally makes monthly payments and the overall price of the plan much more expensive. SIM only deals offer an affordable and flexible alternative.

They are ideally suited for customers who already own a smartphone that they are happy with, but need a great deal on their texts, minutes and data allowance every month. SIM only is also great if a customer needs to upgrade their existing contract but doesn’t wish to change their device. With SIM only, you can keep the smartphone you love without having to compromise on your monthly usage.

Additionally, SIM only offers much more flexibility over traditional monthly phone contracts. While most handset inclusive contracts last for 24 months, SIM only customers can sign up for just 30 days. This makes them a great choice for customers who want the freedom to shop around for the best deals.

Why you should choose O2

O2 is one of the country’s top phone providers that offer their customers a huge amount of benefits, with one of the most popular being the O2 Priority awards. It allows customers to access a constantly changing selection of offers, discounts and free prize draw entries through the O2 app. With a great selection of different stores and services, including both in-store and online, O2 rewards both their new and existing customers.

O2 Priority also gives O2 customers Priority Tickets, allowing them to purchase tickets for music and sport events being held in O2 sponsored venues before they go on sale to the general public. Plus, customers can enjoy exclusive access to certain food & drink venues and the ability to skip the queues - thanks to fast-track entry as part of the O2 Priority Perks.

But there’s more to O2 than just these amazing entertainment and lifestyle benefits. The company boasts a smooth and seamless user experience, with a coverage that is available to 98% of the UK. The O2 4G network is being rolled out across the nation, allowing for faster streaming, downloads and browsing than ever before.

And when they’re out and about, O2 customers won’t ever have to worry about using their data. That’s because O2 offers 15,000 Wi-Fi hotspots across the UK, with their customers being automatically connected to 7,000 of those hotspots. With up to ten times faster speeds than a standard mobile connection, this allows users to browse through content without having to worry about allowances.

If that wasn’t enough, O2 also have their friendly expert Gurus, ready to help with any issues. From setting up a new device, to getting all the details on the latest technology, the Gurus are able to assist through in-store sessions or via online support. And should you need to manage your O2 account, the My O2 app has you covered. Customers can keep an eye on everything from latest bills to their usage all at the click of a button.

The O2 SIM only deals

There is a wide choice of O2 SIM only contracts to suit every customer. They are available on either a 12-month or 30-month contract and include varying text, minutes and data allowances. Regardless of the plan though, SIM only deals include access to O2’s 4G network and Wi-Fi hotspots, along with daily offers through O2 Priority.

The most affordable O2 SIM only plan costs just £11 a month. This includes 500MB of data, 500 minutes and 500 texts each month, with a 12-month contract. Those who prefer to sign up for a rolling 30-day contract can get the same amount of texts and minutes with 250MB of data for £14 a month. This deal is ideally suited for anyone who doesn’t need to text, call or browse online through their phone extensively each month, or those who just want to pay the best price.

The O2 SIM only plans with the highest allowances include unlimited texts and calls with 10GB of data for £28 a month on a 30-day contract. Customers on a 12-month contract can enjoy even more data with the 50GB promotional tariff, with unlimited texts and calls for only £30 a month. Also included in this deal is the O2 Travel Inclusive Zone, which allows roaming at no extra cost in certain destinations.

These deals are great for people who rely on their smartphones for professional use, or those social butterflies that simply want to get as much use from their phones as possible every month.

How Hoppy can help you find the best O2 SIM only deals

O2 is a fantastic choice for SIM only deals but there are so many other providers with competitive SIM only deals out there, including Sky, EE, TalkTalk, Virgin and more. Each provider has various deals to choose from, so knowing which one is right for you can be tricky. That’s where Hoppy comes in.

We make it so quick and easy to compare O2 SIM only deals by bringing you the top recommendations. You can filter these by selecting your preferred tariff, provider and contract lengths to discover deals that suit you. But that’s not all. You can also rely on Hoppy to give recommendations for your gas and electricity supplier, broadband and TV deals, or even local tradesperson services. And with our digital log book, you can get handy reminders for upcoming tasks and store all those important documents online, making home management an absolute breeze.

So, find your perfect SIM only deal today in just a few clicks. We’re here to make you Hoppy.

If you'd like more information and options on SIM only deals, check out Gifgaff, Voxi, Three, EE and Sky SIM only contract offers. For more information on all our popular mobile phones, contract phone deals and SIM only deals, visit our mobile hub.

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