While there might be bigger brand names out there when it comes to mobile phones, there’s arguably none more synonymous, nor important to the mobile world, than Nokia. The brand may not have the same grip on the market they once had, with major players like the Apple to compete with, but they continue to remain relevant by consistently offering great products and a terrific service.

It should come as no surprise that Nokia excels when it comes to the variety available in their products. Alongside contracts and pay as you go, they also have SIM free options. This allows for maximum flexibility for customers of all kinds, with different benefits for each.

However, all these options can sometimes become a bit confusing, especially when you consider all the different models and deals across so many providers. With Hoppy though, we make it quick and easy to compare all the deals available. That means, you can find a phone you’re Hoppy with without having to do all the legwork - whether that’s a monthly contract, pay as you go or SIM free deal.

So what are SIM free deals?

A SIM free deal is when a customer buys a mobile handset without committing to any type of contract. This means they can purchase an unlocked Nokia model of their choice outright and then choose a SIM only deal with their preferred provider in order to receive texts, minutes and data allowances at the best price.

A SIM only deal represents the midpoint between a normal phone contract, which can commonly last up to 24 months, and a pay as you go phone, which has no monthly payments and is funded by topping up your phone. The former of these tend to offer the better value for money if you’re happy to stick to the contract terms, while the latter offers greater flexibility and control over how much you spend.

SIM only deals are generally rolling contracts that offer all the things you’d expect from a normal contract, including generous texts, minutes and mobile data allowances. However, there’s no need to sign on for a prolonged period of time. These deals are perfect for people who want the benefits of a contract with the flexibility of pay as you go.

Things to consider when choosing a Nokia SIM free deal

Obviously, one thing anyone will need to consider before looking for SIM free deals is what model of Nokia phone they want, with newer releases costing more. Luckily, at Hoppy, we make Nokia phone price comparisons easy to wrap your head around.

However, if you opt for a SIM only deal alongside your SIM free handset, then there will be other factors to take into account, such as how much mobile data, minutes and texts you’ll get for the price. With all this to consider, it’s easy to see why so many people settle for a worse deal than they should, simply to avoid all the hassle.

How Hoppy can help

We make it quick and easy to find the right Nokia SIM free mobile phone deal. In just a few clicks, you can compare different types of mobile devices across various providers and contract types - including monthly, pay as you go and SIM only. This means you can get all the information you need to make the right decision, but without having to spend hours wading through website after website.

Unfortunately, we don't currently offer SIM free deals but why not compare other available deals to see if one of them might be right for you.

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