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The Google Pixel

Not too long ago shopping for a mobile phone was a fairly straight forward process as deliberations didn’t get much further than long battery life. Now the market is saturated with handsets from all the big providers, vying for your attention with a variety of bells and whistles or, to be more precise, attractive and useful features. Whether you’re an amateur photographer, a busy professional, a gamer, or just about anyone else, there’s a phone out there to match your specifications.

Considering that many tech giants are battling it out with Apple’s iPhone for customer attention, it’s somewhat surprising that Google has only seriously tackled the competition since 2016, with the release of its Google Pixel phone line, the previous Nexus models not really entering public consciousness as worthy competitors. So, how do Google’s offerings stack up against other models on the market? Hoppy is going to take a look below.

Consider what you want from your Google phone

Google, besides being most people’s preferred search engine, is a manufacturer of tech and software. Its' Android OS is famously used by different phone providers like HTC, Samsung and more, as it competes with Apple’s iOS.

To compete with the popular handsets already available on the market, Google really pushed the boat out. Their new range of Pixel smartphones, on average, boasts really high-end specs like a vivid display, streamlined Android OS and a fantastic camera.

Prior to the release of Pixel phones, Google offered devices under the Nexus range that was produced in collaboration with other manufacturers. Many of the features offered by Google are already staples in our daily routines, regardless of which smartphone we own, like Google Maps.

Devices operating the native Android OS also feature Google Play, Google Duo (for video calling) and Google Play Music, for all your musical needs. Recently, Google Assistant was introduced to the fold, helping users to manage tasks, make voice commands and so much more, to maximise ease of use and streamline tasks.

Want to know more? Let’s break down some basic differences between the Google Pixel phones.

Google Pixel 3

Close up of Google Pixel Mobile

This was the first release from Google with an eye-catching two-tone design and plenty more to offer. Function keys were specifically placed in a naturally intuitive position, particularly the Pixel Imprint button at the rear of the handset, giving access to texts, apps, and emails via fingerprint technology. The screen is an impressive 5” AMOLED full HD display, ideal for movies and games.

All this can be enjoyed all day long, thanks to a pretty powerful battery and charging capabilities that offer up to 7 hours of battery life from a 15-minute charge – now that’s seriously impressive. The 12.3MP camera with an advanced aperture allows more light into every snap, delivering great results even in low light conditions. Finally, you’re offered unlimited storage for all those pictures and videos with Google Photos, which is free of charge for the lifetime of your handset.

Google Pixel 3XL

This supersized handset builds on all the goodies offered by its smaller sibling and will be attractive to lovers of all things media thanks to its 5.5” AMOLED display, coupled with QHD resolution. Despite the size, it’s still comfortable to hold and reach all the essential buttons. Battery life remains impressive to facilitate hours of entertainment.

Camera specifications haven't changed with the Pixel XL. It has a 12.3MP camera that's able to record videos in 4K resolution; the front camera comes selfie-ready with an 8MP capability and 1080p video for HD video calling. Unlimited photo storage comes with the phone, so you never have to worry about running out of memory for all your snaps.

Those constantly on the go will be pleased with the inclusion of Google Assistant, powered by the web, to make scheduling, shopping, reminders, and so much more, a real breeze.

Why compare the best Google phone deals?

Choosing a handset from Google’s offerings is a little easier than usual as there’s simply not many of them. You can choose between a smaller or larger handset and the latest addition or one that’s a bit older if you would prefer to save some cash. It’s still worth taking the time to compare and see how much you can save or to check whether a newer model is in your price range. Not set on a Google model? You can also compare against other makers and see what kind of deals are available across different brands. More choice is never a bad thing, especially when it means getting a better value deal. Ready to compare Android phones today? Hoppy will lend a helping hand.

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