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When it comes to UK phone providers, EE is one of the most popular choices. With great network coverage, helpful customer support and competitive pricing, it’s no wonder that customers are choosing EE. The company can accommodate a wide range of needs, from those who want the latest iPhone releases to those looking something a little more affordable - and when it comes to value for money, you can’t do much better than SIM only deals.

The advantages of an EE SIM only plan.

So, what exactly is a SIM only plan? Well, SIM only is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. It’s when a phone company only provides the user with a SIM, which comes with a set allowance for texts, minutes and data usage every month. Unlike other monthly contracts, it is not inclusive of a new handset. This means that if you want to get your hands on the latest smartphone models or upgrade your device, then this option is probably not the one for you.

However, SIM only plans can be a great choice for anyone who already has a smartphone and is not interested in swapping or upgrading it. The main benefit of a SIM only deal is just how affordable they are compared to other phone contracts. Customers don’t have to contribute towards the price of the handset every month, meaning they can enjoy texting, calling and browsing on their phone for the most competitive prices.

Additionally, SIM only plans can allow greater freedom. This is because most providers offer them on a 30-day or 12-month contract, which is significantly shorter than the standard 24-month contract. Users are able to shop around regularly and take advantage of the best deals on the market.

Why choose EE?

In such a competitive market, EE has managed to emerge as one of the nation’s favourite phone providers, thanks to their exceptional network coverage. While most providers measure their network on population, EE also factors in geographic coverage to ensure that even remote locations in the UK receive good 4G signals. The company has had the UK’s fastest network expansion, and are dedicated to covering 95% of the country with their 4G networks by 2020.

EE customers can also take advantage of a number of different exclusive benefits, like 4G calling, where compatible handsets can use the EE 4G network to make calls. Additionally, phones enabled for Wi-Fi calling can use Wi-Fi connections for phone calls, so customers can still enjoy talking in areas with bad signal.

EE has user entertainment needs covered too. All new and existing customers can enjoy three months free access to the BT Sports app, simply by texting SPORT to 150. And if it’s music they prefer, then all new and upgrading EE customers can take advantage of a six months free subscription to Apple Music, allowing them to listen to all the tunes they love at home or on the go.

If that wasn’t enough, there’s also the My EE app that makes account management easier than ever before. The app allows 24/7 access to all account information, including data usage and personalised bills, allowing you to see exactly who you have been calling. Alternatively, customers can text 150 with various codes to receive instant account updates. For example, texting ‘AL’ will allow you to check the balance and allowances on your account, while ‘BILL’ lets you view your bill and ‘UP’ will show you your upgrade eligibility.

Other ways EE deliver a seamless customer experience is with their network status checker. This gives status updates and allows users to report any network issues quickly.

The EE SIM only deals

SIM only deals vary in type, and your choice will depend on priorities and preferences. Luckily, EE offers a wide selection of SIM only deals to suit most needs. The main difference between the EE SIM only plans is the amount of data usage available, with all EE SIM only offers the deal includes unlimited texts and minutes, as well as free EU roaming and UK data speeds of up to 60MBps.

If price is a priority and Internet browsing is at a minimum, then the Essential Plan with a 250MB data allowance will be ideal - available for just £12 a month over a 12-month contract. However, if you need your smartphone for professional use, or you just want to be able to browse, stream and download to your heart’s content, you could consider the 40GB SIM only deal. This costs £35 per month for a 12-month contract.

Superfast EE SIMs are designed to fit any type of device. This means they can also be purchased for 4G EE Wi-Fi and tablets and offer up to 30GB across 30 days, 12 month or 24 month plans.

Existing EE customers can choose to change their plans to SIM only. If they ever want to upgrade to a device plan, they are free to after three months, and without having to worry about losing their mobile phone number. If you are already an EE customer, your number won’t change. When moving from another provider, you can request a PAC code from your old network and give this to an EE customer service representative - either online, in-store or over the phone - so they can transfer your number over.

How Hoppy can help you find the best EE SIM only deal?

We make it quick and easy to compare EE SIM only deals across different providers. In just a few clicks, Hoppy will show you all the top recommendations and you can even add filters for different tariffs, contract lengths and preferred providers to help you find a deal tailored to you.

So, let us take care of the hard work. Search today to find a EE SIM only deal that will make you feel Hoppy.

If you'd like more information and options on SIM only deals, check out Voxi, Sky, Giffgaff, Three and O2 SIM only contract offers. Or for more information on all our popular mobile phones, contract phone deals and SIM only deals, visit our mobile hub.

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