The iPhone 6s may not be the most current Apple smartphone model on the market, but that doesn’t stop the phone from being an impressive piece of kit. It has a 4.7-inch HD display with 3D touch, a 12-megapixel camera, 4k video recording at 30 fps and touch ID technology. So just because it's not the latest, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have plenty to offer.

What’s great about having so many smartphone options is that customers only have to pay for exactly what they want and not a penny more. Why pay for an iPhone 7 you don’t need when you can pay the iPhone 6s price and get a whole bundle of great features? Once you’ve decided which iPhone model you want, you can use Hoppy to find the best deals on the market for that particular phone. And we’re all about making that purchase a Hoppy one.

Considerations when comparing the best iPhone 6s deals

Just like when having to choose between iOS and Android smartphones, the model you pick also comes down to personal usage. It’s all about finding a phone that can fulfil your needs for a good price without paying for things you’re not going to use – that’s the benefit of buying an older model.

The first thing you'll want to consider is the capacity of the phone itself, with the iPhone 6s being available at both 16GB and 32GB. The difference between these options will affect how the phone performs. So, if you plan on downloading lots of files and apps, then you might want to consider the higher capacity model to avoid running out of space or encountering performance issues. If you want a higher capacity, then it will cost more, but the phone should be better suited to your needs. Meanwhile, if 16GB is perfectly adequate, you can pay less, and it shouldn’t affect performance or enjoyment.

But that’s not the only factor. Another thing to take into account is how you want to structure the payments because it is a touch more complicated than simply looking to see which provider has the highest monthly costs.

That’s because there’s also an upfront cost for the device itself, which can range from a high price to zero, with the downside of the latter option being that the monthly payments are higher. Working out the right deal can be confusing, which is why Hoppy helps rank all the best plans, making the information easy to digest.

Other factors include the number of minutes and texts (most deals today are unlimited) as well as the amount of mobile data available each month. The higher the data allowance, the more time users can spend online, with plenty of monthly options being very generous in this regard.

Find the best iPhone 6s deals with the help of Hoppy

When we see just how many factors there are to take into account, it's no surprise that many users end up with an unsuitable deal simply because there isn’t enough time to explore all the options available to them.

This is where Hoppy comes in. We find the best deals on the market and make it easy for you to compare, so you can find a deal that is perfectly suited to your needs. Let Hoppy make it simple.

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