Laura Jackson's Hoppy Home Management Journey

Like many first-time renovators, Laura Jackson’s project didn’t go as smoothly as expected. It’s often easy to underestimate just how much time, money, and thought will be required until the renovation is in full swing. After a few hiccups, DIY disappointments, and terrible tradespeople, it was time for Laura to get in touch with Hoppy’s list of professionals. Discover below how Hoppy helped Laura turn her renovation project around and join her on the journey to interior design bliss.

Part 1. Home Renovation Help

Meet Laura Jackson and her beautiful home. Its transformation is well under way, but a few finishing touches still need attention. In this video she tells us all about the challenges she faced attempting to re-do the loft bathroom space and how some initial work left the room with leaks and terrible electrics. It’s taken over a year for it all to come together and that’s when Laura discovered Hoppy. Reassured by Hoppy’s work guarantee, she’s going to put us to the test by finding someone to give the walls in her home that all important high-spec finish.

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Part 2. Finding Trusted Tradespeople

We’re back at Laura’s home as she searches for a painter/decorator to help her finish the upstairs space. Laura demonstrates just how easy the process of finding the right person for the job can be. Simply select which job needs completing, answer a few questions, attach a photo or two, and tell Hoppy exactly what you’re expecting – then let Hoppy do the rest. The quotes come in fast, alongside examples of work so Laura knows exactly what she can expect. 

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Part 3. Checking Out the Progress

Hoppy have arrived just in time to check in on the progress Laura’s trusted tradesman is making in the hallway. The colour is turning out exactly as expected and the job is getting done to a really high standard, just like Laura wanted. Now all that stands before a beautifully finished hallway is a cheeky tea break or two. The whole process has been a breeze, giving Laura confidence to book more services with Hoppy’s help and finish the renovation project.

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Part 4. No More Paperwork

Keeping track of paper bills is surely one of the most annoying household chores out there. Add a few insurance policies for the home, pet, or car, couple them with council tax bills, and those papers really start to pile up. Who hasn’t turned the house upside down in search in search of a vital bill? The Home Management System from Hoppy is here to help with just that – upload bills with a quick photo and set a reminder so you never miss a payment or renewal date again.

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