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Easy to use
Easy to use, saved me almost £400 per year on my utilities bill
Frances Lee
2 weeks ago
So easy
So easy! Well worth doing.
Colette Weathersbee
2 weeks ago
Really quick response from tradesman…
Really quick response from tradesman ,came next day and did the work for us thanx so much.
Nicola Dalby
2 weeks ago
good quick response from two…
good quick response from two tradespersons
roger booth


Home Insurance FAQ's

What is home insurance?

Home insurance has two separate parts: buildings insurance and contents insurance. You can take out an insurance policy on both or either. Buildings insurance covers the house itself against any damage, such as weather damage. Contents insurance covers your belongings inside the house against loss or damage, such as appliances.

 Home insurance is not compulsory, unlike some other insurance policies such as car insurance. However, your mortgage contract may require insurance is taken out to meet certain requirements.

I’m renting, do I need home insurance?

It is not the responsibility of the tenant to take out building’s insurance, rather it is the landlord who must do this. However, tenants may take out a contents insurance policy to cover their belongings inside the rented property.

What information will I need to get a contents and/or buildings insurance quote?

The information you will need to provide will depend on whether you are looking for a quote on contents insurance, buildings insurance or both.

For a content’s insurance quote, you will need to know what items specifically you are looking to insure and their approximate value. This may be anything from furniture to jewellery! Try and be as accurate as possible with this. If an item is particularly expensive, such as a laptop or TV, it will need to be listed separately.

For buildings insurance will require you to know some specific information about your house itself. This may include how many rooms it has, including specific rooms such as bathrooms, living rooms etc. You will also need to know your houses full re-building cost (how much it would cost to rebuild the home if it was completely destroyed) and the house’s market value. To calculate the full re-building cost, you can use the Association of British Insurer’s calculator at

 For a policy with both contents and buildings insurance will require you to have all the above information to hand.

 Is there a limit to my buildings or contents insurance?

 The limit for your buildings insurance will simply be calculated using your house’s total re-building cost and the market value it has when you take out the policy.

 Contents insurance will differ between providers, however most have a maximum limit they will pay for a single item, usually between £1500 and £2500.

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