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1 week ago
Easy to use
Easy to use, saved me almost £400 per year on my utilities bill
Frances Lee
2 weeks ago
So easy
So easy! Well worth doing.
Colette Weathersbee
2 weeks ago
Really quick response from tradesman…
Really quick response from tradesman ,came next day and did the work for us thanx so much.
Nicola Dalby
2 weeks ago
good quick response from two…
good quick response from two tradespersons
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Car Insurance FAQ's

Is car insurance mandatory?

It is a legal requirement to have an insurance policy in place for any road worthy vehicle you may own. This provides financial protection if you get injured in the vehicle, or if other road users, passengers or pedestrians get injured whilst you are driving the car.

What types of car insurance can you get?

There are three types of car insurance: third-party; third-party, fire and theft; and comprehensive.

Third-party car insurance is the bare minimum insurance you need to drive legally on the road. It tends to be the cheapest policy you can get; however it only covers the other party’s damage and injuries in a road incident at which you are at fault. There is no financial protection for damage to your car or injury to you.

Third-party, fire and theft car insurance is slightly more expensive than just third-party, as it additionally covers you if your car is stolen or damaged by fire.

Comprehensive car insurance provides the greatest level of financial protection, and as such is the most expensive of the three types. It covers you for all the above situations, plus also covering injury or damage to yourself and your car even if you are at fault for the incident.

Why is my car insurance so expensive?

 There are many factors that go in to calculating the cost of a car insurance premium. Factors include, but are not limited to:

  • The main driver’s age, occupation and no-claims discount
  • The type of cover
  • The location of the car’s permanent address
  • Whether any additional cover has been added, e.g. courtesy car, legal cover or breakdown cover
  • The car’s details including its age, make, mileage and any modifications it may have

Whilst some of these factors can be mitigated, such as the type of cover and whether you require any additional cover, it is less easy if the issue is due to age or occupation.

If you are struggling to reduce the insurance premium it may be worth opting for a cheaper cover, or even considering taking out a telematics policy. Telematics policies are cheaper as it involves inserting a box into the car so that the insurer can monitor a driver’s driving habits, such as speed.

What is a no-claims discount?

A no-claims discount (NCB) is a discount applied to an insurance premium which relates to the number of years you haven’t made a claim on your car insurance policy. You gain an extra year NCB for every year you are the main driver on a policy and don’t make a claim. Discounts vary between insurers; however all recognise it in some form or another. You can contact your current insurance provider to find out if you have an NCB and how many years you have accrued.

It is worth noting that you can protect your NCB, as an add on to your policy. This allows you to maintain your discount even if you need to make a claim.

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