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Bicycle Insurance FAQ's

What type of insurances are available?

There are two solutions on how to insure your bicycle, one is through your home insurance policy or a separate stand alone bicycle insurance, however your home insurance policy may only offer a basic cover as the claim amount may be a lot lower than the cost of your bicycle so it may be worth getting a separate bicycle policy.

How long can I insure my bike for?

Most policies offer up to 12 months insurance however you can get a shorter contract if you need something just for a few months. 

Will I be covered if I have an accident?

Yes, a policy can cover the costs if you've suffered a serious injury or for damage done to your bike should you have an accident.

What's the best way to secure my bike?

All insurers will want to be know that you secure your bike using the best methods possible to avoid theft or damage, this includes using an approved sold secure lock as well as a security cable.

If you’re locking your bike up whilst out, it needs to be attached to a permanent structure, this would be anything that can’t be unscrewed or moved to a different area, such as bike rack. You will also need to note how long the bike will been left unattended as policies may only cover an allotted number of hours.

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