60 Second Housekeeping with Jess

1. What's in your 'muddle drawer'?* 
*the miscellaneous drawer we all have where everything is kept 

Batteries, Matches, Candles, a torch and spare chargers - pretty standard stuff!

2. What's a 'must-have' item that everyone needs in their home? 

 In my view a hoover and an iron (I iron almost everything!) 

3. What's one thing that you've done that completely transformed your home since moving in? 

 We overhauled our entire ground floor last year, made our kitchen bigger by bricking up a door and fitting a nice new shiny one! Transformed our living room, dining room and hallway by plastering the ceilings, repainting and laying new flooring. 

4. What 'Bizarre Housekeeping actually works in real-life? 

 Use washing up liquid to remove grease stains from your clothes! 

5. What do you spend the most money on in your home? 

 My son! 

Follow Jess’ and her tips on Saving Money in your Home here. 


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