3 Minute Housekeeping with Eilidh

1. What’s in your ‘muddle drawer’?* 
(*the miscellaneous drawer we all have where everything is kept)

The muddle drawer in our house is lovingly referred to as ‘the important document drawer’. It is the top drawer in a set of three that live in the upstairs hallway. Whilst it does contain some important documents (e.g. passports and tickets to events), it also contains things like holiday adaptors and 2 small sombreros that we brought back from a recent trip to Mexico for our cats!   

my stuff drawer

   2. What’s a ‘must-have’ item that everyone needs in their home? 

A microwave steamer. We have this one ( from M&S and it really is great – I couldn’t be without it! 


3. What’s the best thing you’ve come home to? 

When I first moved in with my boyfriend there was very limited storage space. I had to do a big declutter and think of innovative ways to store my bits and bobs. I decided to try out the Marie Kondo way of folding clothes and it really worked for saving space in my drawers. What was even better was coming home one day to find my boyfriend knee deep in his own underwear drawer, trying to master the Marie Kondo folding method himself!  

marie kondo folding

4. What do you spend the most money on in your home? 

This one is tricky to say for sure. Taking out boring things like utilities, it’s probably in all honesty our cat Aslan. He had a medical scare last December and because of that he is on a special diet, has a water fountain, a microchip feeder and more toys than he would ever know what to do with. He’s the very definition of spoiled! 



5. What does your dream home look like? 

I have always wanted a porch with a porch swing - the big American style white porch with a dangling swing to watch out over the garden! I think I might have to put this dream aside for now though as I certainly haven’t seen many (if any!) porch swings in London! 

You can follow my journey to London and my advice on how to Move Your Home here.  


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