30 Powerful Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks REVEALED by Pro Cleaners

01 Feb 2019

Spring might be the traditional time to deep clean your home but you don't have to wait until then. We've brought together some quick and easy tricks from professional cleaners around the UK that'll make light work of most annoying things to clean in your house.

Most of our hacks use these cheap everyday household items: toothpaste, lemons, vinegar and baking soda. There's a couple of surprise ones in there too!

"Housework can't kill you, but why take the chance?" Phyllis Diller

1. Make Your Kitchen Sink Shine


Make your kitchen sink and taps sparkling clean this spring. Just rub half a lemon on hard water stains; the citric acid helps remove the marks. You can also use baking soda to clean stainless steel by simply getting your taps and sink wet, sprinkling baking soda on and scrubbing with a sponge. For extra power, try adding salt to the baking soda.

2. Clean Your Microwave


Cut a lemon up and squeeze the juice into a cup of water, and drop the rinds in the cup afterwards. Nuke the lemon, water and rinds for 3 minutes and leave for 10 so the steam containing citric acid works to loosen the grime. Then all you need to do is wipe it away with ease.

3. Clean Your Sponges & Dish Cloths


While we're on microwaves, after spring cleaning you can nuke a soaking wet sponge or dishcloth for 2 minutes to remove 99% of bacteria.

4. Say Goodbye to Smelly Shoes this Spring


No need to buy expensive deodorisers or Oder-Eaters. Simply sprinkle some baking soda inside your shoes after use and just tap it out before you wear them again.

5. Make Your Trainers Look Like They Did the Day You Bought Them


While we're on footwear, did you know you can make your white trainers look almost new again. Just rub a bit of toothpaste into them.

6. Remove Sharpie Marks from Wooden Furniture


If your child is a budding Banksy, relax. Toothpaste will remove felt tip stains from wood.

7. Spring Clean Light Fittings and Even Toys!


Take a ton of effort out of your spring cleaning by using your dishwasher to the max. Light fittings, plastic toys, toothbrush holders, extractor fan grills and pet dishes are just a few of the items you can throw into the dishwasher. While we're mentioning light fittings, remember swap out old style bulbs for energy efficient ones to save yourself a bit of cash on your energy bill.

8. Clear a Drain


If your drain is starting to clog, Mary Berry beats Mr Muscle every time. Simply pour half a cup of baking soda down the drain then the same amount in white vinegar. Wait five minutes and then run the hot water tap to clear it out.

9. Clear Shower Head Buildup


Like no.8, white vinegar can dissolve mineral deposits from hard water that accumulate over time. Just fill a sandwich bag with vinegar, throw in the shower head (remember to remove any rubber rings) and lock. Leave it overnight to get rid of buildup and you'll have better water flow for your morning shower.

10. Clean Dirty Windows by Recycling


Mix one part white vinegar with two parts water and add a teaspoon of liquid soap. You can either put into a spray bottle or just in a washing up bowl. Spray the mixture on to glass and wipe with old newspaper for streak-free glass.

11. Remove Burnt-on Residue from a Stove


If you have a ceramic or electric stove, place a wet dryer sheet on the stove for 15 minutes before rubbing the grime away.

12. Clean Your Grill


Get your BBQ ready in spring for when the good weather comes. Spray some white vinegar onto the grates to help loosen the residue, then scrub the area with half an onion. Yep, the acid from the vegetable will get rid of any burnt bits on the grill.

13. Clean Your Glasses, TV & Laptop


Coffee filters fibres are gentle and can get rid of fingerprints, smudges and dust. While you're at it, save yourself a few quid by switching your TV & broadband provider

14. Scape Up Pet Hair with Ease


A squeegee is great for gripping and removing pet hair from carpets. After washing up, you can also use your damp rubber gloves to pick up pet hair. Finish by running the vacuum to catch any hair still on the surface.

15. Clean Your Car Interior


Lint rollers can be used for more than just clothes. Use a lint roller over car seats to pick up loose hair and fibres, and use a paint brush to get dust and debris out of those nooks and crannies.

16. Make Your Towels Softer

Image credit: Homebase.co.uk

Do your towels dry hard no matter how much softener you put in with the wash? Hard water could be the cause; to lift mineral deposits, wash the towels in the hottest water possible with a cup of ammonia and nothing else.

17. Remove Stains from a Chopping Board


Scrub the chopping board with half a lemon to remove food stains and smells. For extra cleaning power, sprinkle it with salt or baking soda first.

18. Make Silver Shine Again


If your jewellery or silverware is looking a little dull rub a little toothpaste into it, then rinse and dry with a clean cloth.

19. Faded Denim Isn't Cool


The more you wash denim, the more the colour fades. Not everything you wear gets dirty after wearing it once. Jeans can be worn several times before they need a cleaning.

20. Make Your Own Spring Clean Cleaner


Following on from our window cleaning tip, add sage or citrus, and even the rinds, to the mix to make your own multipurpose cleaner.

21. Clean Copper with Ketchup


Yep, can you believe it? Rub copper with a bottle of Heinz and you'll make it shine again.

22. Make Your Plants Shine


While we're on condiments, mayonnaise can be rubbed on top of a plant's leaves with a dry cloth or paper towel to make them shine. Mind blown right?

23. Fix Scratched up Furniture


If you're old enough to remember the Yellow Pages ad, there's still hope before turning to a professional to fix a scratched up piece of furniture. Crack open a walnut and try rubbing the scratch to mask the damage.

24. Fix a Creaky Floor


Have you ever plotted a course to the bathroom to avoid creaky floorboards at night? Pour baby powder onto your wooden floor and sweep it into the cracks to silence them for good.

25. Remove Coffee Stains from Mugs


Yep toothpaste again. When your mug has an unsightly ring that you just cant get rid of, use a little toothpaste to clean it off. Hopefully you'll only have to do this each spring!

26. Remove Bobbles from a Jumper


To tidy up a tired looking sweater use the green scourer side of a dish sponge and gently run it across your clothes to pick up the pills.

27. Freshen Up Your Mattress


This is a simple spring clean tip: take off your sheets, sprinkle baking soda on to your mattress. Leave for a couple of hours, then vacuum off.

28. Release Stuck on Food from Your Countertop and Cast Iron Pan


Table salt's coarse texture can erase stains from a wooden countertop or chopping block and release stuck-on food from your cast-iron pans too.

29. Clean Up Patio Furniture for Spring


Add a generous squirt of washing up liquid to a bowl of warm water wipe down your outdoor tables and chairs, then rinse clean.

Bonus tip

Add washing detergent to a bucket of water and scrub your wooden decking. It'll get rid of mould and algae, and as it drips under it'll repel airborne bugs landing in your Pimms & lemonade.

30. Recycle Old Socks to Use as Dusters


OK we were struggling for no.30 but it's still useful. Cotton is a great fabric for trapping dust particles, so instead of throwing them away, recycle your socks to easily dust & polish furniture.

31. Hire a Professional Cleaner for Your Spring Cleaning!


OK, not really a trick but if you really have better things to do, hire a professional cleaner for your spring cleaning. It's cheaper than you think and honestly they'll clean in places you can't even think of!


Can you add a spring cleaning tip to the list? Share in the comments below and if it's a good one we'll add it and send you a little something to say thanks!

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