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Jane Perrone’s guide to the easiest plants to bring into your home…
Houselust home reno expert Amanda Cotton talks about her garden makeover plans. Check out Amanda's advice for tackling both a home and garden renovation as well as why it's important to plan a big project in stages.
Houselust home reno expert Amanda Cotton shares her guide to big building projects and all the extra costs that go with it. If you're planning a renovation project, check out Amanda's invaluable advice taking you on a step by step journey through the building process.
If you're looking for clever ways to achieve more space in your home without building an extension, look no further! We've put together a guide to help you think outside the box and make the most of the space you have available. From loft conversions, to built in storage - Hoppy's got the ideas and the trusted tradespeople on hand to help!
If you have concerns about whether to hire a tradesperson during the coronavirus lockdown, Hoppy is here to help. Our guide lets you know what work can still safely be undertaken; as well as addressing any concerns tradespeople may have about accepting bookings. The good news is that with a bit of preparation most jobs can still go ahead safely at this time. Read ahead for further guidance.
The easy, 4 step guide on how to bleed a radiator yourself. With handy pictures!
Want to update the look of your home? Find out how to lay laminate flooring with Hoppy's helpful guide.
Want to update the look of your home? Find out how a loft conversion can change your home with our helpful guide.
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