As useful as a chocolate toolbox...

24 Jun 2019

If you were one of the hundreds of people who entered this year's Chocolate Toolbox Awards - thank you. We loved reading your epic home tales and D.I.Y. disasters. We laughed, we giggled and more than a few times, we winced. 

After many brilliant (and painful) entries, our partner DIY Daddy decided this tale was the pick of the bunch this time around. So congratulations to our lucky Hopster, Christine! 

Read her hilarious tale of leaks, loos and a surprise pair of legs below:

I had a leak in my house roof that was going to cost me a small fortune, so my dad said we can do it. I had already done most of the labour; carrying new tiles and wood to the house roof.

I'd gone to use to the toilet and my dad literally joined me... he fell straight through the ceiling while I was still peeing - his legs were dangling over my bath!!

He was ok, just a few scratches, but the roof was fixed and has been good ever since ...and I got a new bathroom ceiling (freshly plastered and rid of the Artex) LOL.

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