Save up to £458 with this simple switch

17 Jan 2019



Hoppy are proud to have partnered with personal finance expert Emma Drew. Emma Drew runs the award-winning personal finance website EmmaDrew.Info as well as her weekly column in Love It! and is always sharing her tips on making money, saving money and living the life you want. Emma loves saving money on the essentials so that she has money for the things she really wants to do in life. Today Emma is sharing just how easy it is to switch energy with Hoppy, which can save you the equivalent of working over 55 hours at national minimum wage. Over to Emma...

Many of us are on the lookout for new ways to save money, but often neglect one of the biggest things we can do to save money. That is to switch our energy provider. Long gone are the days where customer loyalty pays, and we can make massive savings by making this simple switch. In the past switching our energy was a complete faff and seemed more effort than it was worth, but these days it is really easy to switch and it can save us hundreds of pounds per year. 

Hoppy’s goal is to make switching energy supplier as easy as possible to save you money and leave you more time for the fun things in life. Hoppy offers a great hub for finding the most suppliers in the market, meaning they can find you the best deals to help you save money. In fact, Hoppy can offer customers a massive saving of up to £458 per year - which is the equivalent of working over 55 hours at national minimum wage. That sort of saving is not to be sniffed at!

Switching your energy is much easier than it used to be, and with Hoppy being Ofgem accredited you can rest assured that your switch will run smoothly. How to switch your energy in just 3 simple steps:

1 - Find a recent bill

Before you get started comparing your energy prices you will need to get your hands on a recent bill. You might have a paper copy, or you can log in to your energy account to get a recent bill. If you really cannot find a bill then simply ring up your energy company to get the figures you need. 

You need a bill because it will show you how much you are paying for both your energy and your standing charge - the amount you pay every day just to have energy. Having these figures means that you can accurately compare prices before switching. 

2 - Run a price comparison

Once you have a recent energy bill it is time to run a price comparison. Simply head over to the energy switching section on Hoppy and you will be able to run a price comparison. This step couldn’t be simpler and only takes a few moments. 

You will need to:

1. Enter your name, email address and postcode

2. Enter your current energy supplier and energy usage

After following these two easy steps you will be shown the best energy deals available to you. Hoppy will compare all the publicly available energy tariffs so you know that you are getting the widest choice of deals available. 

3 - Pick a new deal

From the list of energy deals available to you, pick the plan that suits you the best. Hoppy will then do the rest for you, and you can sit back and enjoy your savings. That is it! The switch will take place within 21 days and is accredited by Ofgem. This means that you can have peace of mind when you switch energy with Hoppy. 

If you still have questions or you want to speak to a human then Hoppy have the largest call centre for energy switching, so you can speak to someone about your switch. 

Remember that Hoppy can save customers as much as £458, so it is worth taking a few moments to compare your energy prices and switch. 

Switching your energy is definitely the biggest way to save on your energy costs, but there are plenty of other ways to save money on energy costs if you are looking to trim your energy bills even more. 

The money that you will now be saving on your energy from switching with Hoppy can be put towards something more fun than energy bills. After all, if you can spend less money on the essentials like your energy then you have more money available for the fun things in life. You can put it towards a holiday, a new piece of sports equipment, enjoying an experience with a friend or even putting it aside for a rainy day. 

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