Recycling your old mobile phone

06 Dec 2019


Just upgraded your mobile phone and not sure what to do with your old device? Do you add it to the already cluttered drawer, along with the others you’ve been saving ‘just in case’, or do you discard it in the bin, is this even allowed? The solution: recycle.

We too are guilty of owning such a drawer, and in our mission to declutter we’ve partnered with, a mobile recycling comparison site, who guarantee you the best price for your old mobile phone or tablet.

Recycle my phone now

They’re committed to delivering you the best deal so much so, that they’ll even refund you the difference if you find a better deal.

How does it work?
Enter your phone model such as iphone XR, Huawei P30, Samsung Galaxy S10, on, hit enter, and in less than a minute, they’ll scan the deals from the UK's top mobile phone recyclers and provide you with a comparison list. Select the best deal, follow the postage instructions and wait for your money to be paid.

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Why Should you recycle your old mobile phone?
It’s easy to assume if your phone is no longer working or in a great condition it can’t be recycled, however this is not the case as most mobile phones still contain lots of valuable materials that can be put to better use. make the recycling process quick and easy and as well as giving you money back, you can ensure you’re helping the environment along the way.


What happens if I throw my mobile phone in the bin?
Although this can seem like the easiest option, but throwing your phone in the bin won’t give you any money back and it also has a massive impact on the environment.
From your bin at home, the phone will most likely end up in a landfill, this not only impacts the use of land space but the metals used to build your phone start to leak and erode into the earths soil and water causing them to become toxic.



What happens to recycled phones?
Your mobile phone is built using many different types of metals such as platinum, gold, silver and copper as well as plastic. These can be melted down and reused in other everyday items such as jewellery, tech devices, cars, garden furniture, traffic cones to saucepans, the list is endless.


Hoppy tips

* Before you send off your old device to be recycled, copy all your personal info and things you want to keep like photos, music and contacts, to another device or computer and make sure you’ve removed your SIM and any SD cards. This way you’re covered from losing anything you may later need .

* When you’re sure you have everything you need, do a factory reset, the reset will prevent anyone from viewing or accessing your files.

For information on how to do a factory reset read our useful guide here.

If you’re not ready to depart with your old device just yet and think it can be salvaged, check out our latest refurbishing deals.

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