Living Room Ideas

18 Oct 2018

Living room with sofa coffee table

Dreaming of transforming your living room is easy however, getting around to actually doing it? That’s a different story.

The first step is discovering exactly what it is that you want. Whilst you may have a couple of living room ideas floating around, coming up with a complete, coherent picture of what how your room could look, within your budget and space limitations, can often be quite a challenge. Meaning, without careful planning, a re-style/redecoration can very quickly turn into an expensive mess. So, where should you start?

Pick a theme and stick to it

By a theme, we mean a general aesthetic for your room, for example Mid-Century Modern or Bohemian, focusing on a style of furnishing and decor as well as colour.

Badly decorated rooms are often the result of a ‘too many cooks in the kitchen’ scenario, where several different decorative themes clash, meaning that, as opposed to you getting a little bit of everything, you end up with your room looking messy and badly planned rather than stylish and effortless.

So, decide on your colour palette and the style of furniture, decorative items you’d like and try to stick to them thinking about how they will all work together.

Less is more

Have you ever noticed that when a room is freshly cleaned and uncluttered it looks much bigger and brighter?

Well, that’s why a lot of people turn to minimalism. We’re not suggesting that having a new living room should require you to rethink your entire lifestyle however, there are principles you can utilise to create a more enjoyable living space. For example, when decorating a room, it can often be tempting to buy every attractive item you see leaving you with a cluttered mess. When re-vamping your living room, try to always keep about what you really need and not to be tempted to buy for the sake of buying. The important thing is understanding that the room as a whole isn’t necessarily benefited by a good-looking piece of furniture if it doesn’t fit the overall vision of what you’re trying to achieve.

This is also the case when it comes to your use of colour. Using softer, lighter colours helps a room feel larger, and you can even boost this effect by adding mirrors to reflect light, creating an optical illusion of more space. Speaking of space...

Storage, storage, storage

As much as the aim is to cut down on our decor and furniture where possible, the fact is there’s often a number of items that you just can’t live without, especially if you’re someone with a family. Those remotes, toys, books, magazines and nick nacks all have to go somewhere.

This is where your decorating can become complicated because you not only have to think about the bigger furniture items but also where you can store all the smaller day-to-day items when they’re not in use. Luckily, designers have become a lot cleverer when it comes to this kind of thing, offering some ingenious and elegant storage solutions allowing your living room to both remain clutter free and stylish simultaneously.

By specifically looking at which storage solutions take advantage of every nook and cranny in your living room, you’ll find there’s something fit for every space, purpose and theme on the market that can help make tidying away all the clutter a lot easier. It’s astonishing how clean and tidy your room can feel when all the unnecessary items are safely and stylishly stored away.


Although a consistent theme and less clutter is a must, living rooms can end up feeling a bit generic and ‘showroom like’ without any injection of their owner's personality. We know that we said to avoid unnecessary items, however, a well curated selection of personalised items is what will make your new living room the place you want to spend all your time in.

It’s important to be selective with your personalised items because when you fill up a room to the brim with things of sentimental value, you often find that, as a result, they individually lose a lot of their lustre. So, pick a few items that won’t impose too much on the work you’ve already done and give them the prized spot in your newly decorated living room that they deserve. It will make sure that your house feels more like a home and will also give you a new-found appreciation of your chosen items.

Get help with the bigger jobs

If you need something that requires a professional, then get one. Don’t try to cut corners in order to save money when it comes to important jobs like carpentry or electrical work. There’s a reason these people are professionals. It takes years of training and practise to get to that level and unless you happen to be in the trade yourself, then you can end up compromising the entire quality of your room, potentially end up costing yourself more money and can even put your safety at risk when attempting it.

With Hoppy, finding a qualified tradesman in your local area is so quick and easy. Plus, with the Plentific Guarantee, you can enjoy complete peace of mind that you are getting the best people for the job at a great price.

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