How to switch your energy supplier

21 Oct 2019

According to Ofgem only 20% of consumers switched energy suppliers between July 2018 and June 2019, that means many consumers are missing out on hundreds of pounds of savings each year. As a Hoppy customer you can expect to save on average at least £200 per year on your combined gas and electricity bills, with some customers even saving over £500.

Switching energy suppliers has never been easier and as an accredited comparison site with our partners at Energy Helpline, Hoppy is here to help guide you through the process.

1)    Do your research

Whilst there are over 60 energy suppliers in the UK, most consumers can only name a few. It pays to do your research and explore the different options that are available.
With a variety of tariffs to choose from, standard variable tariffs, eco tariffs to fixed energy tariffs it’s important to select the one that works the best for you and your lifestyle.

Here at
Hoppy, we help you by comparing the widest choice of deals available on the market, including small independent suppliers that aren’t always visible on other major comparison sites. 

 Get a better deal now!

2)    Provide your postcode

Once you're ready to compare your deals, you'll only need to enter your postcode. Typically, Gas and electricity prices are set regionally, and your household’s location will determine your range of supplier choices as not all suppliers have coverage everywhere.

3)    Find your usage information


You’ll get the most accurate comparison results if you can provide exact details of your household’s energy consumption. The best way of doing this is by locating a recent energy bill. Alternatively, you can estimate your usage by answering a few lifestyle questions, you’ll still get a good idea of how big a saving you’ll make while providing exact usage information will give you the most accurate savings estimate. Reading a bill can be a little bit confusing, which is why we've also created a handy little guide here to help you.

4)    Review the results



You will see a list of results detailing all the suppliers, plans and costs. It might seem overwhelming at first, but you can filter the results by price, type of plan (fixed, duel fuel, no exit fees) and go from there. You can also see which plan is most popular in your area and key information about the quality of customer service.

5)    Finalise the switch

Once you are confident with the plan you want to switch to, there are only a few more details to provide. Confirm your switch by providing your full address and the details of your bank

Did you know?
Paying by direct debit is typically the cheapest option.



That’s it - you’re now officially switching energy suppliers!

Switch Supplier


How long does it take to change energy supplier?

The switching process takes up to 21 days (with a two-week cooling off period in case you change your mind) during which your energy supply won’t be interrupted. Your new supplier will contact your old supplier, agreeing on a switchover date and informing you of it all.

Will my new supplier contact me?

Yes! Your new supplier will get in touch soon after you confirm the switch with a welcome pack detailing your new plan. Your old energy supplier might also get in touch though you won’t need to give them anything besides a closing meter reading to generate an accurate final bill.

How often can I switch suppliers?

Not many consumers know that it’s possible to switch suppliers every 28 days – just be sure to check for cancellation charges. Realistically, very few will opt for such frequent switching, but it’s important to stay on top of the latest deals If you’d like to save on your bills.

Loyalty is no longer rewarded, and customers most often get the best deals by picking a new supplier rather than staying with one supplier long-term. You can set a bi-annual alert on your phone, reminding you to compare the best energy deals on the market to ensure that you’re still paying the best price. Customers on a fixed-term plan should also consider creating a reminder of the end date and searching around before the supplier can automatically switch the plan to a standard variable tariff.

Switching your supplier is cost effective and easy, and you even get a cooling-off period should you change your mind. Take the first steps today and compare all the deals to see just how much you can save.


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