12 Ways To  Get Your Home Ready For Christmas

15 Nov 2019

1. Light, light, light!

Fairy lights are a sure winner to add some Christmas spirit to your home. The top places to hang your fairy lights inside the home are the mantelpiece, stair banisters and the tops of shelves. They can also be used to highlight specific features in the home. I like to hang them around a mirror, weave them through an indoor plant, put them inside jars to create magical fairy light jars or even use fairy lights & a clip to hang photos across your walls.

christmas light jars

2. Two trees

Why have just one tree when you can have two Christmas trees (or ten!). Small artificial trees dotted around the house can add festive cheer throughout your home. I like to put one on my upstairs landing to ensure the upstairs doesn’t get neglected from Christmas decorations.

3. Santa’s little helpers

Get friends or family to help you make your own decorations, not only is it cheaper but more authentic. My recommendation is to make Christmas wreaths by twisting a coat hanger into a circle, then wrap green branches around them and finally secure with a wire.

4. Fake it till you make it

Christmas wouldn’t be complete without candles and I’ve only recently discovered the wonders of flameless battery-operated flicker candles. They worked a treat for me inside pumpkins on Halloween and I will soon decorate my home with them for a festive glow. You don’t need to worry about knocking them over after one too many sherry’s, you don’t need to replace them and also many have scents like the real thing! If you want to go all out, why not have a white Christmas and get some fake snow?

5. Get your theme right

This year is the year of Victorian Christmas decorations, well, that’s what Hoppy insiders have been told. My personal favourite Christmas decorations are silver and gold painted pinecones, Mistletoe balls, old fashioned small toys and dried fruits and nuts to make a truly historical Christmas.

6. Match the colours

Always match the colour of your room to your theme. It’s cheaper and easier to stick to one theme or colour scheme. Our recommendations would be to either go for a classic red, gold and green scheme or a contemporary blue, silver and white.

christmas dining table

7. Dining table

The dining table is the heart of Christmas day. Want a quirky centrepiece? Grab a selection of different coloured and sized baubles and place in a clear vase. If you are more creative, you can make your own place cards and cut them into festive shapes.  Don’t forget to grab a tablecloth and napkins that will match your dining table theme.

8. On your marks, get set, bake!

Let loose your inner baker and prepare Christmas essentials such as your Christmas Cake and Christmas Pud in advance. They really are super easy to make, but both require either baking for 4 + hours, or steaming for 6+ hours, so plan ahead to make sure you've got a day at home to bake. A homemade Christmas pudding is so much more delicious than a shop-bought one and it's a great way to get the kids involved too. Remember that both need time to "mature", so we recommend stirring up well in advance - like the last weekend of November.

9. Outdoor ideas

Outdoor lighting can turn your garden into a winter wonderland. Add some outdoor decorations like LED lights, reindeer and a blow-up Santa and you have got a real-life Santa’s Grotto. I admit the blow-up Santa and reindeer might be a bit much. Perhaps the most important decoration is on the doorway as it is the first thing your guests will see, a wreath on the doorway is the perfect way to greet your friends and family.

10. Hallway decorations

Your hallway is the gateway to the festivities in your home and if you decorate it cleverly it can really impress your guests. My top tip would be wired garlands winding along a banister.

hallway xmas


11. Small Space Solutions

Even if you live in a flat, there are still plenty of ways to decorate your home. Try hanging handmade paper decorations from the ceiling for a festive feel. You can also find a whole Hoppy guide in small space solutions here.

12. Cheese

It won’t be for all, but for me, Christmas isn’t Christmas without cheese. Dust off your culinary hat and get creative with your cheeseboard. These are my unbrielievable essentials: Stilton, Camembert, Mont D’Or, Montgomery Cheddar & Cote Hill Blue.


Christmas cheese board

With so many ideas above, it is important to write down all your jobs and tasks in one big list and start tackling them now! If you don't have the time, get stuck or need help with something, Hoppy is here to help you find a trusted handyman. Click below to post a few details about the job you have in mind and tradespeople will be in touch in a flash.

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