12 Ways To  Get Your Garden Ready For Winter

03 Nov 2019

Hoppy landscapers share their top tips for preparing your garden for winter. 

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Most of us deprive our gardens of some much-needed TLC during the winter months, but Hoppy landscapers say this is the time when our gardens need the most attention. By spending just a little time during the colder months you can ensure your garden looks its best when spring arrives and keep your garden looking green over winter. 

  1. Keep paths and paving tidy 

The best time to clear leaves and debris is once the trees are bare and when it is still dry. Clearing leaves and debris allows water and nutrients to get down to the grass roots, which is essential for keeping your grass healthy after Autumn. Cleaning your paving with soapy water before the temperatures plummet and snow arrives will ensure your outside area is safe during the wet winter months. 

Raking leaves
  1. Maintain your garden borders 

As a rule of thumb, cut back any herbaceous perennials in your borders (these are plants which die down over winter, but their roots survive) as this helps maintain their appearance and helps to improve their flowering in Spring.  However, don’t cut back deciduous grasses and stems until Spring comes as these provide structure for the plant and provide food and home for wildlife. Also don’t forget to empty out your compost bins over fresh soil in winter to set it up for spring. 

  1. Pay attention to shrubs and trees 

To keep your trees and shrubs healthy - remove any diseased or damaged branches to prevent it spreading. Pruning any wayward branches will also improve the shape of your trees and shrubs and ensure correct growth. 

Pruning tree
  1. Repair any outside structures 

Once your trees and shrubs have been cut back and your garden is now neater, it is best to use this time to repair your sheds and structures outside and ensure pest infestations and decaying timber are dealt with before winter. 

  1. Protect Plants 

Any delicate potted plants should be moved out of the harsh environment and into a sheltered one, such as a conservatory or greenhouse if you have one. You can wrap the bases of delicate trees with a thick mulch of bark around the base. To find more information on ‘moving plants’ check out the RHS website

  1. Keep ponds and water features clean and tidy 

To prevent your water features becoming congested with debris during Autumn, you can clean and temporarily cover them with a net. If you have a pond with fishes, ensure the water’s surface doesn’t freeze over by placing an object that will float on the surface. 

Rubber DUck pond smaller
  1. Get the lawn ready 

To ensure your lawn can breathe and grow, raking your grass in Springtime will remove moss and debris which may be preventing the grass from aerating. Alternatively, moss killer products and lawn feed can also help combat these issues. 

  1. Plant spring-flowering bulbs 

Before the temperature drops drastically, plant your spring bulbs early in November. For bulbs like daffodils, they should be planted at a depth of two or three times the depth of the bulb itself and spacing them out similarly. Bulbs like well fertilised soil in lots of sharp sand and some bone meal to ensure the bulbs will be fed over winter.  

  1. Be on alert for snow 

Snow is incredibly damaging to plants and trees, so knocking off snow as soon as it lands will give your plants and trees the best chance of survival.  

Snow Garden
  1. Keep your garden green 

The best shrubs to keep your garden green over winter are evergreen and deciduous shrubs like the Phormium Tenax and Cornus sanguine. 

11. Act on any privacy issues that become apparent as a result of bare plants  

Gaps sometimes begin to show in Winter when trees become bare. Evergreens, bamboo and hedges are all possible solutions to ensure your boundaries do not show. However, be mindful of height restrictions when planting these as planning permission may be needed. 

12. Add outdoor lighting to provide another dimension 

With a lack of sunlight hours, outdoor lighting and spotlights on trees and garden features will cheer up your garden in winter. 


With so many ideas above, it is important to write down all your garden jobs and tasks in one big list and start tackling them now! If you don't have the time, get stuck or the job is too big, Hoppy is here to help you find a trusted gardener and landscaper. Click below to post a few details about the job you have in mind and tradespeople will be in touch in a flash.

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