11 Electricity Saving Tips to Cut Energy Use at Home

21 May 2019

energy saving light bulb

How would you feel if you realised that your electricity bill was £100 less than what you expected? Pretty Hoppy, we’d say. By making these simple and effortless changes to your daily or weekly routine, you’ll barely notice a difference but your bank account will. Read on for the 11 best ways to save electricity, while doing your bit for the environment too.

1. Run full laundry loads

Laundry, endless laundry – it’s a process that you simply can’t avoid. But the best way to get the most out of this chore is by running full loads. Your life will be easier, and you’ll be maximising your savings by using less water and energy per item!

Run full laundry loads to save energy

2. Turn your washing machine down to 30º

Are you still washing your clothes at 40º? Switch to 30º and save almost 50% of your energy expenditure on laundry days - that’s a HUGE difference! Nowadays, most detergents are specifically designed for use in lower temperatures, so you’ll still be getting a thorough clean even at lower temperatures. Save the occasional hot wash for the really stubborn stains.

3. Hang clothes out to dry when you can

The cost of running a dryer can quickly add up. Research shows that using a tumble dryer four times a week adds up to a total yearly expenditure of approx. £80. To reduce these costs, make use of your outdoor clothesline during the warmer months. You’ll be surprised how quickly they dry in the fresh air. In the winter, position your clotheshorse near the radiator for a quicker drying time, but don’t forget to air out the room to avoid dampness.

Hanging washing out to dry

4. Put a towel in the dryer

adding towel to tumble dryer

This is a pretty neat trick, if we do say so ourselves. When you’ve run out of air-drying space, and you have no choice but to use your dryer, try adding a dry towel in the drum. The dry towel will help absorb the moisture from the wet clothes, reducing the amount of time you need to run the dryer. See? We told you it was a good one!

Additional tip: Take the towel out of the dryer after 15 to 20 minutes for the best results. 

5. Be conscientious in the shower

shower water running

Enjoying a hot shower is one of life’s greatest pleasures, and being aware of your hot water consumption is a quick and easy way to save money. By reducing your shower time by one minute only, you can save (on average) £6 per person, per year. Imagine how much you’d save if everyone in your family contributed to the cause!

6. Skip the dishwasher every now and then

Washing up to save energy

According to research by the Telegraph, switching to washing up using a bowl can be an incredible saver. But, don’t throw out the dishwasher just yet. Those post-Sunday lunch feasts are a nightmare to clean up after, so when loading up the dishwasher don’t worry too much, as using more than 6 washing up bowls is likely to cost about the same.

Additional tip: switch to Eco mode if your machine has the function - it uses less power to heat the water, but takes a bit longer to complete the cycle.

7. Unplug appliances with standby mode

unplugging an appliance

Most appliances are actually still draining power when they’re plugged in, even if you think they’re turned off. Flipping the switch once you’re done will save an average of around £35 a year according to the Energy Saving Trust. A good way to visualise how much energy is wasted with appliances on standby mode is with a smart meter.

8. Upgrade your tech

old fridge & TV

Old tech is inefficient and uses up to 80% more power than newer models. Recycle your old TVs, desktop computers, and washing machines, and invest in new energy-efficient technology that will cut down on yearly energy costs. In the long run, it will prove to be a worthwhile investment – just wait and see.

9. Pick up a book

Woman reading a book to save energy

Let’s face it, we all love our gadgets. But swapping out an hour of TV, smartphone or laptop use, for an hour of reading every day can help save around £10 a year. We’ll admit it’s not the biggest saver on the list, but saying “I thought the book was better” is quite satisfying – isn’t it?

10. Replace your standard bulbs with LEDs

Woman changing a lightbulb to save energy

According to the UK’s Energy Saving Trust “lighting accounts for 15 per cent of a typical household’s electricity bill.” Which means if you’re using standard incandescent bulbs you could be spending more than you need to for your electricity. If you switch the bulbs in your home to Light Emitting Diode (LED) bulbs you could save not just on your electricity bill but also your shopping bill. LED light bulbs usually last for 20+ years and can save up to 86% in annual energy costs (compared to standard bulbs).

11. Switch Energy Providers

Reminder to switch energy provider to save energy

If we’re being honest, this is probably the easiest solution on the list, and potentially the best way to save money on your electricity bills. Energy regulator Ofgem has shown that a typical UK household is overpaying by £300 per year when sticking with the high tariffs of their current providers.

It only takes about five minutes to make your home Hoppy by comparing and changing, so why not give it a whirl?

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