10 Small Space Solutions to Totally Transform Your Home

17 Oct 2019

You don’t necessarily need to live bigger to have a beautiful, functional home; you just need to live smarter and that’s where clever storage is key. If you live in a small house check out Hoppy's solutions for small spaces below to help you maximise your home's potential.

  1. Create a “Wall of Books”.

There’s a reason that Billy bookcase is one of Ikea’s most popular selling items – it’s such a great, versatile storage solution. If you have a blank wall in your living room fitting a narrow floor to ceiling bookcase could be one of your best small space solutions. You'll have space for all your beloved paperbacks and by adding baskets on the lower shelves you can also keep games and toys tidy. 

Wall of books
  1. Small Kitchen? No problem!

If you’re stuck for cupboard space it’s important to utilise every nook and cranny to prevent your kitchen worktops from becoming a dumping ground. This is where the most unlikely tools become clever storage solutions. You know those cardboard or wooden magazine holders? Well, they’re not just for your office… Use these in base cupboards to keep your aluminium foil and cling film neat a tidy. Using drawer dividers too will help keep lids and other small necessities easy to find and use.

Organised kitchen drawers

If you have odd plastic containers lurking in your kitchen – you know that one plastic tub that you lost the lid for years ago – well now it can serve a new purpose to keep all of your spices organised. It’s also super handy to just pull out the whole tub instead of having to pick out individual jars.

  1. Make the Most of Forgotten Spaces

Traditionally under the bed is a dumping ground for stuff that isn’t frequently used and it can quickly become a dumping ground for stuff that never get used because you forget it’s there! If you're lucky enough to have a bed with storage built in - fab! But if you've got a standard bedstead you can still make great use of this space. Try a pull out drawer with a lid under the bed for your athletic wear, shoes, or seasonal clothes you're not currently wearing. 

  1. Think Outside the [Shoe]box

Do you ever wonder how on earth you got so many pairs of shoes?! And in a small house finding space to store multiple pairs certainly presents a challenge. For this we have a few solutions. The first is utilising an old chest of drawers. Hoppy Team Member, Mary, recently upcycled an Ikea chest of drawers for this very purpose (check out My complete guide to upcycling your furniture). This piece of furniture not only provides valuable storage for shoes, but also hats, gloves and other bits and bobs right by the front door. 

Shoe cabinet

Another tip is also repurposing another Ikea stalwart – the Kallax bookcase. Flip it sideways, get some handy wicker or fabric boxes to slide inside, get yourself a load of cushions for the top and presto – not only do you have a fab little bench, but also some super useful shoe storage!

  1. De Clutter

There’s no better way to save precious space then to get rid of all the things you no longer need. When it comes to clothes and shoes – ask yourself if you’ve worn it in the last 6-12 months and if you're likely to wear it in the next 3 months? If you haven’t, will you really miss it? Fill up some bags and donate to your local charity shop. You’ll feel great having more space in the house and having done a good deed.

  1. Create a Cloakroom

Did you know that you can install a downstairs loo in literally the smallest of spaces? Under the stairs is a very popular choice and can make clever use of this redundant space. Check your home for redundant cupboards or corners. You’ll need to consider important factors like plumbing and linking to your home’s soil stack, but the minimum space requirement for a cloakroom is only approx. 140 x 80cms – so provided all piping issues check out you really can squeeze this into the smallest space.

Small bathroom
  1. Utilise Space behind Doors

Another under utilised area – try fitting narrow shelves if you’ve got solid wood doors and space, or even using over door hooks (which require no installation) to hang jackets and coats. Also think about using over door hooks to hang brooms and mops on the back of your kitchen door.

  1. Get Folding!

Fold your clothes Marie Kondo style and you’ll not only fit more clothes in, but you’ll also be able to see what you have at a quick glance.

folded clothes in a drawer
  1. Use Room Dividers

If you’re using a room for more than one purpose, consider using open shelving to help divide the space without making the room look smaller. The open shelves create a stylish barrier, but still let light through. 

  1. Get Reflective

Installing a large mirror will not only reflect light and help your room feel brighter, but it will also make a room feel much bigger. Don’t feel limited to a framed mirror either – get truly creative with the space. You can add mirrors in alcoves, as a backing to shelving, add mirrored wardrobe doors or even install floor to ceiling mirrors. Consider using an antiqued glass (which, admittedly, can be a bit more expensive) for a super chic look.

Mirrored wardrobe dressing room

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